Outdoor Winter Hookup Ideas

If you like the idea of getting caught in the act or consider yourself any kind of exhibitionist, you’ve probably enjoyed a hookup or two in public.

Two of my favorite outdoor sexperiences were on a golf course and in the back of a pickup truck under the stars. When the leaves drop and the snow starts falling some of us shut it down for the season, but if you still want that fun and dangerous thrill, all is not lost.

With a little imagination and care, you are sure to find an outdoor space that suits the mood… and temperature!

4 Outdoor Spaces to Get It On

  1. Off the trail. If you enjoy snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, this might be the place for you. Once you find a quiet space off the beaten track, only remove enough clothes for easy access. A quickie is recommended if the temps are below zero.
  2. On the chairlift. This will depend on how long your ride up the mountain is, and what kind of privacy you have from skiers on the hill. Full-on intercourse is unlikely, but handjobs and fingering will do in a jiff.
  3. Balcony hot tub. This combines the hot sensual feel of the water and the cold cool air on your exposed skin. Many cottages and resorts offer private hot tubs for guests, so why not treat yourself and your lover to a sexy winter getaway.
  4. Cold-climate camping. If you’re already a couple who likes wild outdoor adventures, then camping in the cold will be no big whoop. All you need is a double-zipped sleeping bag, a fire pit, and a map!

Never risk health when it comes to your partner’s well being because frostbite, especially down below is never worth the thrill.

Do you have any suggestions for outdoor thrill seekers? Please share in the comments!

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