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Why You Should Hook Up with Older Women

Sexy Older Woman in Lingerie

Here’s one for all the young boys:

Once when I was still a pup I had a fling with a woman who was 39, and god said that it was great. For the longest time I looked upon the episode as a novelty hookup (39 seemed so old!, the whole Mrs. Robinson thing). Sure enough, with hindsight, I realized age can make all the difference in the world when it comes to sexy know-how.

It changed me forever:

  1. Best blowjob (up to then, of course).
  2. Who knew I had a g-spot (so that’s what a prostate is!)
  3. She insisted on controlling her own orgasm — not just because she was better at it, but she didn’t want it fucked up by an amateur.

So while you’re sitting around thinking your cock’s got it made in the shade with that 21 year old you picked up at the pole-dancing party, a smarter guy is learning the way sex is meant to be had. I’m not saying a woman needs a walker before she’s learned the moves, but, seriously, a woman doesn’t kick in to high gear until at least her mid-30’s, by which point she becomes a machine, and only gets fiestier with age. Anything younger than that, well, my friend said it best: “When I’m with a girl who’s only in her 20’s I never know what to say after I cum.”

Maturity and know-how. That’s what older women bring to the table.

  • They’re specific. They know what they want and how to make it work. Without a doubt they’ll be teaching you.
  • Confidence, confidence, confidence.  What could be sexier?
  • A forthrightness that’s hotter than a pig-spit at an Orthodox Easter ceremony.

If what you and your pals consider a “cougar” comes a-knockin’, don’t set your phasers to “no” so quickly. Why not learn from someone who might be able to up your game?

BTW — In no way am I suggesting that younger women can’t offer the same, but it’s rarer. Remember, boys: our machine starts young and runs outta steam early. Women are the opposite.

Enjoy the best while your junk’s still on fire!

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