What Women Want to Know before They Date You

Some women may just want a no-strings relationship or a friends-with-benefits gig, but if she’s looking for more, she’ll be looking for certain qualities. Some of these can be revealed in your dating profile, while others may come up in online messages, texting, or your first date. The best thing you can do is be honest about everything. This approach wastes no one’s time, and prevents a scorned woman from unleashing her wrath on you later (You’ve been warned!)

You know what you want. Probably the most important thing is to be clear about your intentions. If you don’t want a serious relationship, just state that in your profile. I’ve met a few guys who say they are open to anything, but after a few months, they pull back and say they don’t want a relationship. I send them packing. You don’t have to worry about meeting women who just want sex. There are lots of them out there.

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You know where you’re going. If you’re twenty-two, it’s not as important, but some life goals really sweeten the pot. And if you’re over fifty, we hope that you have your shit together. The lost puppy routine just doesn’t work after a certain age, like eighteen! On the same note, self-awareness is also very attractive… you know who you are and you know where you’re going.

You are a gentleman. You don’t need to be the most romantic guy in the world, but a little chivalry goes a long way. I dated a guy who treated me like his buddy more than a woman he was interested in. I like my guy and I to have a foundation of friendship, but if affection and intimacy aren’t there, what’s the point? Don’t be afraid to show her your sweet side, even if that’s only when you’re alone. Women like to be treated special.

You have a full life. A woman want to meet a man who will enrich her life and vice versa. This can only happen if a person is already happy with themselves. She’ll want to know that you already have meaningful relationships and interests and goals. It’s okay to treat her like she’s your everything, but she shouldn’t be your everything. If you’ve had problems with feeling insecure and jealousy in previous relationships, work on these first.

You can be counted on. Many women are very independent. They can take care of themselves financially, they have careers and outside interests. Besides companionship and physical intimacy, women want a man who will be supportive, emotionally. They want a cheerleader for the good times and someone there when shit goes down. You can show her this dependability early on by always showing up on time, calling her when you say you will, and offering a helping hand if she mentions something that might require one.

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