What to Have at Your Place for a Hookup

Hey, guys! As a woman who has been to her fair share of men’s places for hookups, I think some sage advice is in order. While you probably care more about the fact that you’re getting laid than what a woman’s apartment looks like, the opposite is true. Women who go home with you at the end of the date will have a few expectations… and they can be deal breakers, so you’ll want to take notes.

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The Essentials
These are things that you really should take care of before your date, just in case she does want to come over. And I apologize in advance to those of you who are already with the program, but all of these things were a problem with one hookup of mine or another.

Clean environment. If your place looks like you just had a kegger with empty beer cans and take-out boxes on the counter, you may not get very far. Tidy up before you go out, and spend a little extra time on the bathroom… no pubes on the floor or whiskers in the sink.

Toilet paper. This should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately for some it’s not. Yes, we could use tissue or paper towel, but when you don’t have a good supply of toilet paper on hand, it doesn’t seem like you take care of yourself very well, and well, no one likes a mama’s boy.

Clean sheets and towels. Please wash your sheets before every potential hookup. Cum stains on your bedding from jerking off or your last hookup are unacceptable. And the smell of dirty towels on the rack (or floor!) is a major turnoff. If you do end up having sex, you want to be able to offer her the use of your shower.

Privacy. If you have a roommate, make sure they’re not lying on the couch in their underwear when you open the door and turn on the lights. Give him or her advance warning to make themselves scarce.

Condoms. Never assume a woman carries these, because most of us don’t actually. There’s nothing worse than getting heavy with foreplay and then discovering that neither of you has protection.

The Extras
These are things that aren’t absolutely necessary but will make your date feel more comfortable, which will increase your chances for an overnight stay.

Drinks. It’s a nice touch to be able to offer your date a glass of wine or a beer when you bring her home. Even if she’s not interested, the thought will be noted.

Food. Having some light snacks on hand is always appreciated. Cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit are excellent choices. Oooh… and if she does stay over, treat her to breakfast in bed. (A man who cooks is a catch!) 

Entertainment. You’re probably focused on getting down to business, but it may not be first and foremost on her mind. Make sure you have a segue of sorts such as music, movies, or games on hand.

Cab fare. Okay, so call me old fashioned, but it’s always nice when a man either drives a woman home or offers to pay for her to take a cab home, especially if this isn’t an overnight hookup. 

What tips can you add? Please share in the comments!

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