Top 5 Worst Places to Pick Up Women

When you’re really horny, your brain does everything in its power to convince you that all women everywhere are just aching for you to fuck them. A lady serves you coffee in a restaurant and you swear she gives you the look. You’re riding the bus and a woman just happens to brush  up against you and you think it’s some kind of sign that she wants you to come on to her, but here’s the thing: Your brain is a fuck-faced liar.

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It’s so hyper focused on getting you laid that it forgets to be smart about it. It ignores the fact that many times women are just going about their day, doing totally non-sexual things, not wanting your attention and even feeling creeped out by it! Here are the top 5 places where women DON’T want you to pick them up.  

1. On the Street, As They Pass You By

Cat-calling isn’t a compliment. Most women will tell you that it feels gross to be whistled at or called out in public for how hot they are. It’s an aggressive dick move that objectifies women and makes you look desperate. When a guy comes on to me like that, I assume he has a micro-dick and is trying to compensate for it by proving to everyone on the street what a stud he is.

2. In Line, Anywhere

If you strike up a conversation with a lady at the DMV and she reciprocates, you should assume that she’s bored and just being polite. When someone is in line for anything, they are essentially trapped. Don’t make her choose between getting her licence renewed or escaping the greasy clutches of your horn-dog mind.

3. On Public Transit

You’re on the subway, hands touching as you both grasp at the same pole, but you need to remember that she doesn’t have the choice but to be there. She’s crammed in next to you not because she thinks you’re sexy but because she has to get to work on time. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a revealing top and short skirt. It doesn’t even matter if she smiles at you or shares a laugh about something. She’s a captive of the 9-5 drudgery, just as you are, so don’t read too deeply into things.

4. At the Grocery Store

What?! Not even in the frozen food section? No. Grocery shopping is yet another activity that can’t be avoided. If you live in a small town or in a neighbourhood with few grocery buying options, it’s even more important that you let a woman’s shopping day be what it is—a necessary errand. There’s nothing worse than feeling anxious about going to the store for fear of running into that guy who can’t take a hint.  

5. At Their Places of Work

I wrote about this in greater detail a while ago. Is She Into You or Just Being Friendly? If a woman is on the job, leave her the fuck alone. She’s being paid to be nice to you, and she can’t just up and leave. You might think she’s flirting but she’s probably just trying to be polite and stay employed. By now you should notice a theme here; don’t hit on women who don’t have the option of getting up and walking out.

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