Signs a Date will Hookup with You

So you’re meeting up with a woman for a potential hook up? The cards are in the right place, but you’re not 100 percent sure if she’s game. I’m going to run down how to recognize the signs and signals a woman gives to let you know that’s she’s up for casual sex.

1. Open or Closed 
Women who are sexually open and liberated are often carefree about letting you know how wild and open they are about sex. If your date doesn’t open up about her sexual lifestyle after some time, chances are you’re not going too far with her.

2. Touchy Feely
This one’s pretty cut and dry, guys. Is your date touching you when she laughs at your jokes? Is she reciprocating your subtle and not so subtle advances? It’s all in the abody language. A woman using any excuse to touch you, is clearly into you.

3. Flashdance
Is she showing cleavage and making sure you get a good look at her other exposed body parts? This is your date giving a little taste of what’s to come. If she starts the date exposed but later acts uncomfortable or covers up, you’re chances are dwindling, my friend.

4. Her Eyes
Studies show that when a woman is really interested in a man her pupils will dilate much more than usual. If you can pick up on this subtle indicator, not only are you going to get laid, but you’ve also advanced to a whole other level of hook up artist!

5. Sealed With A Kiss
This ties in with #2.  Wait until the time is right, and then make a move to kiss her. If she reciprocates with a weak kiss, you may have made the wrong move. The stronger and deeper she responds, the greater your chances at going all the way are.

This isn’t  perfect science, guys. Remember – she always has to say “yes” in the end, you can’t be pushy, and  it’s best to wait for the right signs! If you have any tips, please share!

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