Top 5 Best Places to Pick Up Women

Last week I presented you with the Top 5 Worst Places to Pick Up Women. As a woman who’s been approached and propositioned in many an inappropriate place, it needed to be spelled out.

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Now, because I’m a nice person who really cares about getting you laid, I’m going to offer up some suggestions for where you can approach women and have a better chance of not making them wish you hadn’t.

1. Online

The internet really is the best place to meet the most women in the shortest amount of time. It takes out much of the guess work because you know that if a woman has posted a profile, she has put herself out there in hopes of finding a date. You can peruse your options and send messages in your own time. You don’t have to think on the spot of clever or impressive things to say and can really take your time to craft a good first impression.

2. At a Party

If she’s come with friends or on her own, there’s a good chance she’s open to meeting someone. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll want to hookup with you right away, but you should feel confident in approaching her and seeing where things go. If she tells you she’s seeing someone or seems uncomfortable, don’t push it. There are other women to focus your attention on, hence the benefits of a party setting.

3. At the Club

Much like a party, the club offers a relaxed, public atmosphere for meeting women. I mention the public aspect of things because there’s something a little creepy about being alone and approached by a guy. I discussed this in greater detail last week, but in short, it’s always better to approach women in places where they don’t feel cornered or isolated in any way. The club is also a place where women like to feel sexy, which should up your chances a bit.

4. Out Doing Fun Stuff

In my experience, people often use this as an argument against online dating. I don’t quite buy it, but I do agree that it’s always nice to connect with someone while doing something that you love. Want to meet someone who also loves art? Go to an art gallery. Strike up a conversation about the art and just feel things out. It’s not a sure-fire way to meet ladies, but it’s a more natural way which I know appeals to some guys.

5. In Class

I met some of my favorite men in university. Unlike a professional setting, where hookups can lead to career suicide, the classroom is a great place to strike up casual conversations and connections. If you’re a little older than the average undergrad, you could always take a night course, or join some kind of common interest group.

*One final thing to keep in mind is that no matter what technique you employ to meet the ladies, it won’t be super easy. Your success will always depend on the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into it. And remember that every woman is different! Always take a moment to read the situation and her body language before asking her out.

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