Tips on Choosing a Handle for Your Online Dating Profile

If you’ve never joined an online dating site there are many aspects to creating a dating profile. You will first be asked to choose a “handle” or user name. This will be a unique name that sets you apart from the thousands of other members on a site. It is not recommended that you use your real name, for privacy and safety reasons, but you do want to put some thought into the handle you choose.

Tips to Help You Choose a Dating Handle

Personalize without Using Your Real Name
As mentioned, you don’t want to use your first or last name. Dating safety should always be a concern, for men and women, before you’ve actually met someone. If you want a personal touch, use a nickname or something that relates to your passions or interests such as “WoodworkingGuy82.”

Make It Memorable
When women are scrolling and browsing through profiles, you’ll want your user name to be unique and easy to remember. Something like “tgl98734kk” isn’t a great choice even if these letters and numbers have significance to you. Also, try to ensure what you choose is easy to pronounce.

Avoid Overtly Sexual Names
Most women won’t stop to read a profile that comes on too strong with a user name such as “BigDick7.” Let her find this kind of information out in due time. The same goes for names that might seem creepy to women such as “DarkShadow666.” Hookups might be all that you are after, but most women still want to be wooed into the bedroom.

Leave Your Fetish Out of It
Like using overly sexual themes when choosing a handle, you don’t need to let your fetish out of the bag before meeting, so avoid user names like “SpankToy” and “FootLicker.” Of course, this might be okay if you are using a BDSM dating site, where most members appreciate knowing right away what your kink is.

Stick to the Same Name
Once you do choose a fun and flirty name, don’t keep changing it. I’ve seen profiles where men keep changing their handle, and it turns me off because it makes me think they’re trying to hide something. Ask a female friend for her opinion if you’re not sure the first time around. Another reason to keep the same handle is, many women try to find a man’s profile that they noticed before and want to favorite or contact, but if they can’t find it quickly they give up.

How did you choose your dating profile handle?

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