The Pros and Cons of Offline and Online Dating

Online? Offline? WhatshouldIdowhatshouldIdo?!

New to the online dating scene? Not sure if you’ll like it more/less than “meeting” people in person? Maybe you just got out of a long-term relationship and you forget how to date?

Here are some of the pros of each. Even just one of these might be enough to work in your favor and help you seal the deal.

But heed this gentle caution: one alone might also sink you. So I’ve also provided a list of cons for each.

Online Dating: Pros

  • If you’re a hottie (or the quality of your profile pictures can fool someone into thinking you are) you’re guaranteed a hookup.
  • Thank goodness for the BACKSPACE key: you can carefully edit your e-chat to ensure you don’t come across sounding like a sheep.
  • Here’s one you might like: it’s easier to lie online. Interpret that as you will…
  • You’re sitting in front of the computer: if you don’t like what you see/or hear, hang up.

Online Dating: Cons

  • If you’re not prepared to post a pic of yourself, then your chances of a hookup plummet. (If you’re not posting a pic because you’re a bit of an eyesore, well… newsflash: you’re better off using your charming personality to pick someone up in person. (sorry)
  • Kant spel or do gramer? Oiyks!
  • Here’s one you won’t like: it’s easier to be lied to.
  • It all might have sounded ideal during the e-chat, but what if you show up and end up resorting to a mercy fuck?
  • Much harder to sell The Real You.

Offline Dating: Pros

  • You can win someone over without having to rely on your physical appearance alone.
  • Can’t spell “gorjuss”? No worries.
  • Notice how profiles are never accurate and always wanting? It’s because there’s usually something to hide. There’s no better way of seeing the true goods on offer than in person.
  • “If only she’d meet me in person…” Maybe this is the best way to sell yourself. Maybe for you, anything less than “in person” short changes The Real You.

Offline Dating: Cons

  • If all you have to offer are your stunning looks, you’ll become tiresome in no time. (Sorry, hotstuff.)
  • You may wanna reconsider the offline option if every time you open your mouth you sound like you’re right outta Duck Dynasty.
  • Kinda hard to hang up. “Blocking” is even harder…
  • What about all those seemingly perfect singles hovering about, causing nothing but distraction and competition?
  • Sitting at a table with The Real You might not be as totally awesome as you imagine…

But, seriously, if sex is all you’re after — either online or off — success will be easier with like-minded (at least at the time) hunters.

Oh: and booze helps.

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