Signs You’re Dating Someone in the Wrong Age Range

Age is just a number, and in many cases this is true. Couples with substantial age differences between them can fall in love and be happy together. Sometimes, however, things don’t work out so well.

Really, it all depends on where each person is in terms of their personal development. You can be forty and live like a twenty five year old, or you can be a twenty year old with the wisdom and interests of someone in their fifties.

The term “age range” in this post refers to an individual’s inner age versus their biological one. So how can you tell if you and your partner are ill-matched in this regard?

You Can’t Relate to Each Other’s Interests

She keeps telling you about the stuff her friends post on Instagram and you’re all like, “What ever happened to sitting down and sharing stuff in person?” Or…

You’re trying to get her into Snapchat but she doesn’t see the point. It’s nothing like the diary she kept back in the day.

Some people move with the times and adopt new interests as they age, some people don’t. If you’re just enjoying a sexual relationship, it doesn’t really matter if you have anything to talk about. If you want something deeper, though, it’s important to find someone to whom you can relate.

You Want Different Things

She has an established career and likes to focus her energies and get shit done. You haven’t chosen a vocational path and instead spend your days at home, mastering the fine art of gaming on your Playstation 5. Or…

You’ve had your fun and now you want to settle down with a wife and kids. She just wants some hot, no-strings sex to see her through her twenties.

Sure, these differences lead to some fun and interesting times together in the short term, but eventually, they become problematic.

You Get Irritated by Each Other’s Ignorance

You lament the fact that she gets all her news from social media when it’s clear that talk radio and newspapers are the only two reliable sources! Or…

She uses language that is casually racist and homophobic, and she doesn’t understand the concept of gender-fluidity.

Sure it can be fun to argue, it might even make the sex hotter! But if you just can’t agree on what is and isn’t politically correct, you’re probably heading for a relationship breakdown.
What do you think? Do you have a story about how you found happiness (or misery) with someone of a very different age? Leave us a comment!

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