How to Go for a Two-Round Hookup

The only thing better than a sizzling hookup is doing it all over again. You don’t have to be a twenty-one-year-old horny guy to go for round two in the hookup ring, but it might be easier than say, when you’re sixty.

Finding sexual compatibility is not easy, so when you do hit a grand slam with the woman you met on a dating app last week, you’ll likely be thinking about going again before the night is over. And why not? If it was good for both of you, and she’s not in a rush to get going, it’s definitely worth a shot.

7 Tips for a Second Sex Session

1. Asses Her Interest

You only want to go for more if you can assess that she is interested too. There are times when it was good or great, but wanting or pushing for more erases the sweet aura you’ve created. And there is truth in the saying, “leave them wanting more,” so if you even think she might be done or spent or ready to sleep or leave, save it for a second date. If she’s keen, she’ll be down.

2. Take Time to Recharge

Most men need some time to recoup after ejaculating to be able to come again (not that the orgasm is the end all and be all – it isn’t!) But you do want a little bit of recovery time. If you’ve got all night and no one has to leave anytime soon, you can take a break and watch some telly or a movie, or even have a snooze. Don’t just finish and press reset.

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3. Take a Shower

Another good in between-rounds move is to get refreshed. I love showers with my partner, and even though it’s about getting clean, it usually makes us want to get dirty right after. It’s a nice way to explore your lover’s body up close while washing away the sweat and cum from each other’s bodies. And sometimes round two will happen right there!

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4. Refuel

Depending how long your first round was or at what time of day it happened, there’s a good chance you both might be hungry. I always say to hookup hopefuls: have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand if you want her to stick around. There’s nothing worse than only being able to offer pork rinds, pretzels, and tap water to a hungry ravished woman.

5. Show and Tell

I like to talk about sex, after sex. It’s the perfect time to tell your hookup what you loved that they did, what turned you on the most, and to share some sexy secrets and desires. It’s the valley before the next peak, when you can build anticipation through discussion and dirty talk. Take it as a chance to show her what you didn’t in round one.

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6. Change Location

You may have just had sex on the couch after coming home, ripping each other’s clothes off and not making it to the bedroom. If so, go lie down and cuddle before a more comfortable fuck. Every room in the house offers new possibilities and positions for different types of sex, kink included!

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7. Lower the Expectations

It may be hard to top the first round for a number of reasons—you’ve come hard and fast, the first time always packs the most heat, it’s late and you need to get some sleep. But that’s not to say don’t do it, no way! Go for broke, but at the same time, keep it real with what you expect. It may not have the same fireworks explosion but can be just as beautiful.

Are you a one-and-done kind of guy, or are you always up for a second round?

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