Pick-Up Artist Tutorials: Does Their Advice Work?

You may have seen some reality TV shows that are all about suave guys who have mastered a certain technique for a sure fire way to pick up women. Some guys do swear by a pick-up artist’s advice, but does it really work?

“I can sniff a pick-up artist from a mile away,” says Joan, who is an attractive woman and a relationship analyst for Discreet Sex Dating. “It’s kind of a turn off because everything they say is planned, and I love spontaneous guys. I once confronted one of these snake charmers and asked why he had chosen this “career.” He told me that some guys go to the gym to make their bodies look good, and studying pick-up artistry is like going to the gym… for your personality. It kind of made sense!”

One of the main tenets of pick up artistry is “negging.” This is generally described as gently putting a girl down so that she is more likely to desire your attention. It could be as simple as “Hey, I can see your roots.” These tricks can work on some ladies, but for women with confidence negging is a big no-no. However, there are some tips that are not sleazy and that could work for any guy to land a hot hookup.

Be Original – Don’t just ask a girl what she is doing, or how she is doing. Ask her an interesting question that will make her remember you! Even a question like what she had for lunch that day could be quirky enough to take her off guard.

Ask about Her – Don’t just focus on how to impress a potential hookup, focus on her as well. That means asking questions about her life and interests (this is why it’s a good idea to read a woman’s entire profile.)

Make Contact (If She’s Open to It) – If you’re interested in a hookup, get a little touchy feely on a date. A hand on the knee is a great way to gauge if she is open to more. Women’s body language says a lot. Learn the signs!

What are your thoughts on the art of picking up women?

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