How to Tell if She’s Into Casual Hookups

Do you ever wish you could cut through all the online-dating bullshit to zero in on women who want what you want: Hot, NSA sex every night of the week? Perhaps you feel frustrated by the number of profiles you have to wade through that feature such hazy declarations as, “I want a man who will treat me right.” What does that even mean?

Does she want to hook up, or does she want to wait until marriage? Online dating can feel like a never-ending guessing game. Here are some tips to help you identify the profiles of ladies who are down to fuck.

Direct Disclosure

If you come across a woman’s profile that spells out her desires in plain language, consider yourself lucky. This degree of confidence and unapologetic honesty is rare and speaks to a strong sense of self-esteem. She knows her body, she knows what she wants, and she’s not ashamed to ask for it.

When you do reach out to her, acknowledge her desires, then be equally clear with her about what you want and what you have to offer. She’s likely seeking a man who can be just as up front with her, so don’t be shy! Enjoy the fact that you can be totally transparent with one another—no games, no guessing.

Certain Code Words

The use of acronyms like, DTF (down to fuck), FWB (friends with benefits), and NSA (no strings attached) sends a clear message that she’s looking for a casual hookup. Words like, “dirty” and “wild” and “fun” are less direct, but usually indicate the same.

More telling than her profile, however, is the way in which she expresses herself in private messages. Is she using the same kind of hookup-geared language, or is she more reserved? Just because she’s DTF in a general sense doesn’t mean that she’s DTF with you. Feel it out before you get your hopes up too high.

Sexually Explicit Language

If a woman chooses to explicitly reference sex in her profile, she’s probably looking to fuck. She knows you’re horny and wouldn’t go out of her way to mention sexy things if she didn’t want you to go there. Some women might not come right out and say they’re DTF. Instead they will plant the idea in your mind by using sexually suggestive language.

That said, you can never assume her willingness to sleep with you based solely on the words she uses in her profile. Always draw your conclusions from how she communicates with you personally.

Super Sexy Pics

If she’s sending you unsolicited pictures of her naked body, you can pretty much bank on the fact that she wants to have sex with you. The operative word here is unsolicited. Naked pics sent in response to your requests could just indicate that she has a hard time asserting her boundaries, or that you’re pressuring her in some way.

It’s always best to wait for her to suggest the exchange of pics, that way you know that she’s really into it. She might ask you for a dick pic, at which point you can assume she’s thinking about fucking you. Choose a quality shot, though, or she might change her mind!

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