What Women Want from a One Night Stand

You’re not the only ones looking for casual sex. Lots of us ladies, myself included, use online dating sites to meet Mr. Right Now.

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Men always say they don’t know what women want, so I’m going to share some tips that will help you understand where they’re coming from and what they’re looking for when in comes to casual sex.

What Women Want from a One Night Stand

1. Fun. Yep, it’s as important as the sex itself. Women aren’t expecting some movie-like romance from a man they just met. They just want a good time that’s fun, relaxing, and hopefully satisfying! Remember: Bring your A-game to every hookup.

2. No-Strings. A one-night stand is just that. It can be ultra casual or super intense depending on the chemistry, but don’t expect more going in. If you’re giving off a cling-on vibe the first time you’re with a woman, it will be your last—guaranteed!

1. No pressure. The reason a woman is looking for casual sex is because she doesn’t want the expectations and obligations that often go along with a serious relationship. She may not want to make your kinky fantasy come true, and that’s okay—you just met!

3. Possibilities. You may both go in thinking it’s a one-night-only thing, but hey, what if the sex is mind-blowing? If you’ve been around the block, then you know this happens on occasion. And if it does, she’ll probably be thinking about the chance of a regular hookup arrangement, and likely you too.

4. Respect. No matter how the night plays out, a woman wants and deserves respect from any man. If she’s leaving in the middle of the night, make sure she has a safe way home, and be discreet about your casual sex when it comes to guy talk.

5. Something Extra. If you want to leave a great impression (even if you don’t think you’ll see her again, or maybe hoping you will), do something special. This could be breakfast in bed, a morning-after massage, or a thank-you note. You will be talked about… in the good way!

What do men want from a one night stand? Share with us in the comments!u

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