How to Please Your Woman

Hey guys! Listen up. Here’s a list of what a woman wants when you’re getting down and dirty. These apply to those of you engaged in one-night-stand to one-night stand affairs, or those involved in something more serious. You think you know what women want during sex, but do you?

Quick Fix
Women always want more foreplay, but every once in awhile we want to know how irresistible you find us, that you can’t wait to get your hands all over us. Cut the chit chat and move straight to the good stuff. Don’t be afraid to be a bit rough in how you approach – grab her and carry her to the bedroom, toss her on the bed or push her up against the wall, pinning her arms above her head. I can’t say this approach will work ten times out of ten, in fact it won’t, but when it does, it’s a super hot way to shake up the usual. And if she gets angry, don’t push it, just try again another time.

Talk Dirty
Nothing turns me on more than a guy who can verbalize what he sexually feels and wants. Tell her how horny you are for her, how you can’t wait to be alone with her. During the deed, we love to hear compliments about our naked body- be specific. Tell us what you plan to do to us, how hard you are going to make us come, and of course, follow through. Be in the moment and don’t be shy. It’s hard to offend a woman on the brink of orgasm.

Yes, we love your throbbing cock inside us, but kissing feels a lot more intimate and we want more of it! A good necking session will get any woman wet even before the clothes come off. What seems to happen is that men often stop kissing once intercourse begins – big mistake. This makes a woman instantly feel disconnected and may ruin your chances for round two or a second fling. Keep the kissing going before, during, and after sex. Use a mix of deep kisses with the tongue to gentle ones that travel all over her body.

Breast Attention
Something that’s perplexed me for a while now. I always thought all men were obsessed with women’s breasts, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. When a man pays little to no attention to my perky girls, it irritates me. I know a lot of you want to get straight to the good stuff, but a woman expects a guy to notice, play with, comment, suck, massage, and nibble her breasts – at least I do! It may not be your favorite female body part – maybe you’re an ass man – but focussing on this area will score huge points.

G-Spot Orgasm
You’ve heard about it, right? Well from discussions with my lady friends, most men have heard about it, but there has been little to no attempts in finding it. This elusive spot is about two inches inside her vagina on the front wall. It’s about the size of a dime and may have a spongy texture. Even by massaging this general area during sex can elevate a woman’s orgasm. The best way to rub it with your penis is with her in doggie-style position with her forearms flat. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner, she’ll be impressed that you’re at least trying to find it.

Eat to Orgasm
Men often wait until they’ve had a blowjob before going down on a woman. Put her first and go all the way until she comes from your mad skills. Moaning and body tensing are signs that you’re on the right track and getting her close to orgasm. This unselfish act is a female crowd pleaser and will only bring you returns in the future. Every man should be able to do this and if you can’t – practice, practice, practice. You’ll be in demand, guaranteed!

Try a tip or two and get back to me. What do you do to please your woman?

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