Tips for Picking Up Women at the Gym

The gym is a fantastic place to meet women. If you’re already a member you know that health and fitness is something you share in common and will connect on. And if you’re yet to join, it’s a chance to improve your well-being and meet new ladies.

You could just walk up to a hottie in the gym and ask her if she’s dtf, but this isn’t that kind of club. No, picking up at the gym takes a much more subtle approach. It takes observation, planning, and patience. Let me share tips for meeting and connecting with women at the gym.

Look Good
You might think – I’m working out, it’s sweaty business, who cares what I look like. Well, if you want a woman to notice you, you don’t want to look like a complete slob. Don’t have to spend a fortune on brand name sports gear, just wear comfortable clothes that fit. If you’ve already got a nice bod, show a little calf and forearm (tank tops are not sexy!)

Follow the Ladies
If you’re super built, you may be spending most of your time in the barbell (all dudes) area where most women are not so comfortable. Go hang out where the weight and cardio machines are. Classes are also a great place to start conversation or have a laugh with the girl beside you over awkward moves and choreography you’re having trouble following. You’ll find plenty of women in yoga, boxfit, pilates, and aquafit classes.

Take Notice
Let’s pretend you’ve been hanging out, scoping out the women for a bit now. You’ve got your eye on a lovely lady. This is where a little strategy comes in. If you first see her in a class, there’s a good chance she’s a regular. Most people build their gym routine around a set schedule, so if you see her at four o’clock on a Tuesday there’s a good chance she’ll be there the same time next week. Also, change up your schedule to meet a larger variety of women. Take things slow… you don’t ever want to give a woman the stalker vibe.

Subtle Moves
I always say the best way to start a conversation is with a smile. It’s harmless and inviting. If a woman smiles back, she’s not saying get lost. Next time you see her, you could try saying a few things. Maybe ask what classes she recommends. Just don’t get too personal, too fast and make her feel uncomfortable about going to her gym. Watching a woman’s body language for signs is vital. If she’s not interested, move on.

Ditch the Music
This one’s hard, I know. Most people need music to motivate themselves when their at the gym. But guess what? No one wants to approach a person with AC/DC blasting from their ipod. And… when you’re listening to music, you go into your own little world and don’t always notice what’s going on around you (aka hot women). This is why classes are good – they play music, but you can still get a little small talk in to break the ice.

Do you meet women at the gym? Is it easy?

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