Tips to Help You Hook Up with Confidence

You may well be thinking that the wild waters of sexual hookups are a little too choppy for you to navigate. I’m here to tell you otherwise. Self-love and self-respect are everything in this game.

If you remember these tips, you will meet more women and find satisfaction… maybe even love.

How to Build Your Casual Dating Confidence

Don’t Believe the Experts

There are all kinds of pick-up artists out there, sharing their magic formulas to get whatever woman you want. Some say if you talk to a lady with just the right level of negativity, or if you a adopt certain body language, all of these supermodel types will fling themselves into your arms.

But meeting another person isn’t like baking a cake. There isn’t one recipe you can follow every time in order to achieve a consistent result. The more you try to turn yourself into a person you aren’t, the less attractive and charming you’ll be—creepier too. Also, how much do you really want to spend time with someone you have nothing in common with?

Be Your Authentic Self

By being true to yourself, you are likely to find someone who appreciates your qualities. Maybe you like wearing comfortable clothes, hanging out in your basement, and building model trains. Faking it til you make it by dressing in suits, and going about like James Bond, will only land you women who want to spend all their time around the Baccarat table.

But you don’t want Baccarat. You want model trains and sweats. How much nicer would it be if you met somebody who was into being a homebody like you? You won’t ever have to lie, nor feel your boundaries uncomfortably being crossed by every unwanted helicopter ride from Monaco to San Tropez.

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Embrace Your Passions

When it comes to meeting women, looking like bank, dressing sharp, or undermining her confidence with a false bravado are not important… or cool. The most important things are loving yourself and being passionate about what you do. What will make your profile stand out is your passion and devotion to what you love most.

Yes, maybe you can hook up with insecure women by using pick-up artist methods. However, those ladies only represent a tiny portion of the entire universe of women out there. The broader you make your horizons, the better your chances will be at meeting your match online!

How would you describe your level of dating confidence? Please share in the comments!

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