Dealing with a Clingy Girlfriend

We all have insecurities on some level when we’re in a relationship. Whether it’s about our own confidence and who we are in the relationship or about our partner and their love for us. The challenge is finding a way to deal with these feelings so that they don’t stifle, or worse, kill the relationship.

If you meet a fantastic woman online and you sense or see clingy tendencies know that this behavior may get worse as you get closer. So if you’re way into her and want to continue, you’ll want to know how best to deal with her needs. Try these tips:

Talk About It
Don’t let her actions get under your skin and fester. If you’re feeling suffocated, tell her. Be specific in your examples of her behavior and how it makes you feel. Also let her know how you see these insecurities affecting the overall relationship.

Give Her More
Some women just need a little more love and attention to make them feel secure. If this is what it takes, then express yourself more often, physically and verbally, to make her believe she’s the only one you want.

Be Yourself
Don’t change your life and how you lived it before you met in order to placate her. If you give up friends and activities you enjoy because she needs to be with you all the time or because she’s jealous, you’ll only feel resentful down the line.

Encourage Her
A clingy woman often wants to be with her guy all the time which can be draining. Encourage her to pursue her individual interests by taking classes or joining clubs. This will give you space and help her to build confidence. Also, push her to go out with friends, even guy friends. Again, this gives the relationship the healthy space it needs to breathe, and shows her how much you trust her.

Know When It’s Too Much
Sometimes no matter what you try, it’s not going to be enough. If you’re a free spirit who naturally needs a lot of space, a clingy gal just might not be a good match. If she constantly expresses insecurity, then you may feel she doesn’t trust you know matter how loyal you truly are. Recognize your limits and know when it’s time to move on.

Can you date a clingy woman?

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