How to Be a Gentleman

Hold That Door!

You’ll be hard-pressed to witness, in this new millennium of ours, any man drop his coat onto a muddy puddle lest his woman soil her stilettos. Can I safely suggest it was the bra-burning era that marked the end of chivalry? In the fight for women’s rights, something romantic was lost.  Can we not ensure the equality and respect of women and hold a door open for them, too?

Chivalry may be non-existent, but if you’re a guy on the dating scene, you can score some huge brownie points by resurrecting it. Most women I know love it. It makes them feel special. It impresses them.

Here are simple suggestions that will impress your date:

  • open doors for her, and not just for her, but others who happen to be crossing the entranceway at the same time (especially old ladies: if your date sees you being chivalrous towards an old lady, be ready to be adored)
  • show up with flowers/chocolates (good ones)/small gift
  • stand when she enters a room, every time
  • hold her umbrella in the rain
  • have I mentioned chocolates? Good ones
  • help her with her coat, on and off
  • walk her home

Basically, all the nice things that men never seem to do for women anymore.

Watch any Hollywood movie pre-1950 and chances are you’ll be bashed with examples of what “modern” chivalry was like in the day. These softly-lit time-capsules-of-gush seem way overdone by today’s standards, as will be the starlets’ expectations; but you’ll find plenty to work with.

Look, none of these things will necessarily guarantee you booty, but, like I said, there’s an element of romance to it (not to mention novelty, considering it doesn’t happen enough) that’s bound to give you an edge over the other guys she’s dating.

Oh, and, get her chocolates. Good ones.

For a woman’s perspective, read: Is Chivalry Dead?

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