Hotwife Hookups: Tips for Aspiring Bulls

One of the hottest, most popular sex trends of recent times are hotwife hookups.

What are Hotwife Hookups?

Hotwifing is when couples, often married, are both into getting more sex for the attractive wife.

She is turned on by the variety, the taboo, her hot new lovers, and the attention. A hotwife enjoys beauty maintenance rituals and “being hot,” exhibitionism, humiliating her husband, and any number of other aspects.

Her husband is turned on for many reasons, too—the cuckold lifestyle, humiliation, and voyeurism.

A cuckolded husband enjoys the natural biological testosterone surges that occur when other men pay attention to his mate, and the idea that his own wife is so hot that she attracts hordes of lovers. He thrives on his wife receiving sexual attention from others, the idea that his wife is so horny and has such voracious sexual needs that she requires a stable of lovers to satisfy her.

Sometimes hotwifing is called stag and vixen, with her lovers—hopefully YOU—as the bull.

The bull should be attractive, fit, young, and sometimes a large cock is requisite to the fantasy fulfillment.

Hotwife Hookup Advice for Bulls

Cuckolding and hotwifing are often, but not always, the same thing.

Cuckolding involves the wife running around on her husband because he cannot satisfy her sexually. The wife, AND the husband, both get off on his sexual humiliation. He wants his nose rubbed in the fact that she needs someone else for erotic satisfaction.

Garden variety cuckolding may involve a married woman cheating on her husband, playing him for the fool, running around after other men. Cuckolding as a kink is consensual and involves his erotic thrill in the humiliation. It may involve him watching, or hearing the sordid details later. It can also involve him being mocked for a small penis, compared negatively to the hot bull, or even forced to get the bull ready to serve the wife—fellating his cock, etc. There might be the added humiliation of cleaning up—by hand or mouth—the bull’s cum.

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Hotwifing is sometimes used synonymously with cuckolding and some of the lingo overlaps. But hotwifing is often a different psychology entirely. The man who shares his wife with other men is often a stag, not a cuckold. He is so sexually secure, and so fortunate to have such a hot wife, that he is happy to let her be serviced by other guys. He expects these men to be bulls, very attractive, because he is, and he wants nothing less for his hot wife, only more.

Aspiring bulls should be aware of the kind of situation you are applying for or being invited to, because they involve very different psychologies.

Where to find hotwife hookups?

Start your search for hotives and their husbands on the right sites, and you’ll have a much easier time making a connection.

The trick is to use hookup sites that cater to couples, and there are even some communities made specifically for hotwifing! Kink Lovers Magazine has put together a good resource for this:

Hotwife Dating Sites for Couples & Bulls

And if you like your hotwife encounters with a touch of kink, see our favorite Dating Sites for Kinky Couples.

Your involvement in this situation is highly sexual.

Sometimes you’ll see reference to the bull as a “human dildo.”

But sometimes, sex is not enough. Qualifying as a bull is more than a one night stand.

Depending on the couple doing the hotwifing, the stud’s role may be more than sexual service to the insatiable female. A bull may need to be reasonably alpha, but also expected to submit to her needs and demands—in other words, alpha to a point, submissive to the hotwife.

He may be expected to have some kind of relationship with the wife. For many, a stable of lovers for the female is not just about fucking, but about a relationship. She wants to feel sexually desirable, wield her power, and enjoy looking good. It’s not limited to a quickie in the bedroom.

For others, the bull is expected to actively participate in showing off to the stag. The stag might get to watch, since it is HIS wife, his hot property.

The bull may be required to be willing to actively participate in the humiliation of the cuckold. If the nature of the affair is cuckold humiliation, you may need to involve her husband in psychological or physical ways.

Remember, you are there for HER sexual enjoyment, as well as for her husband.

This is true, whatever the nature of the hotwife hookup experience. The whole thing of her sleeping with other men is for both of them, whether he is a confident stag or a humiliated cuckold.

In some situations, your role and involvement with his enjoyment is implied. She fucks you, and you don’t have to do anything else. You won’t be around later when she describes your body to him, or tells him the filthy things that you did together.

But you may be expected to fuck her in front of him, to show off, to help take care of HIS sexual satisfaction by your actions. That satisfaction could be simply him watching and possibly jerking off, in person or by zoom or camera.

It could be him directing you how to please and satisfy her, since he has fucked her thousands of times and knows best what she needs.

It could be you humiliating him.

You’ll want to take on any of these roles confidently if you want a call back, so to speak. One-time bulls are easy to dispose of, a dime a dozen, lining up. If you are able to confidently rise to the couple’s needs and deliver, you will have more luck being chosen as a constant for the stable.

Be honest about your hotwife experience, abilities, and desires.

If you are inexperienced but willing to learn how to help humiliate her husband, and you are very attractive and have a big cock, you have a good chance of being tried out.

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If you have an exhibitionist side, make it known in your hotwife dating profile because a stag who likes to be there will want a bull who can be confident and put on a good show for him.

If you are shy, quiet, and not confident in your looks or in bed, this might not be the kind of kink for you.

Work now on future goals.

Better your future chances of enjoying hotwife hookups by working on your fitness, cleaning up health issues or a bad haircut, growing facial hair and getting it professionally groomed. Bulls are usually tens, but a seven with the right confidence might pass. Let’s just say it’s not for the everyday guy. It’s not sweet or romantic. It’s not being loved for who you are—it’s pure biology.

If you’re looking for tenderness and affection or to be appreciated for who you are, this is not the right kind of hookup for you. Just like not every woman can be a high-class call girl or a supermodel, not every guy can be a bull. Learn the ropes of being a versatile bull from someone who knows. Then, get a personal trainer and a skilled stylist to take care of the rest.

Are you an aspiring bull? Share your hotwife hookup fantasy in the comments!

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