Tips for Couples Looking for a Unicorn

Some couples looking for a unicorn for a steamy threesome might feel it is an impossible dream.

The unicorn is so named because a bisexual woman who just happens to want a hot, casual threesome with no strings attached is considered a rare or nonexistent mythical creature.

Lately, the word “unicorn” is just as often applied to the male bisexual. Although men are perceived to be more open to hookup threesomes for the sake of sex, a guy for an MMF threesome is considered harder to find. And though many guys are happy to hook up with another dude because watching a woman getting fucked, or sharing her, is hot, not as many are truly bisexual and interested in the MM part of the MMF.

Since couples might be looking for a unicorn because she wants to watch her male lovers go at it, too, or because he might want some guy-on-guy action, the male interested in this full range is highly sought after. That’s why he is sometimes called a male unicorn.

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There are lots of women interested in casual sex threesomes, and there are lots of bisexual adventurous men. Even if couples seeking a unicorn are running into obstacles on the way, the search is sexy, fun, and exciting. And it’s best to remain positive and enjoy all the sex on the way to fulfilling that fantasy.

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5 Ways to Find a Unicorn

Are you a couple looking for a unicorn for a casual, one-time threesome? Do you hope to have a threesome with great chemistry and enjoy regular sex with your unicorn?

Other couples are looking for a unicorn for sex, with the hope that things might grow from there into a long-term relationship together, sometimes called a throuple or triad in polyamory lingo.

There are all kinds of ways that couples seeking a unicorn can find one.

1. Let people know you’re a couple seeking a unicorn for a threesome or throuple.

Gone are the days when couples are supposed to be quiet about their sex lives. You don’t have to hide the fact if you are kinky, in a power-exchange relationship, bisexual, or non-monogamous.

You don’t have to bring it up with mom at the long-term care center, and you probably don’t need to make any announcements in your company newsletter. But nor is it a secret.

When people are together talking or joking about sex, or sharing real life with their friends and acquaintances, it pays to be candid.

Why not mention the fact that you as a couple are seeking a unicorn for threesome adventures? If someone brings up their latest kinky adventures, or talks about a swinger party, or even if they’re talking about weddings or sexy vacations, sex conversations of any kind are the right time and place to express or at least hint at your real experiences and desires.

If people know you’re a couple seeking a unicorn, they’ll be more likely to approach you if they are looking for a threesome. They’ll be able to mention you to friends who are poly or adventurous. They’ll be able to introduce you to people they know who are seeking the same.

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2. Attend events where you know there will be bisexual or polyamorous people.

Not all poly people or bisexual people are interested in threesomes. But even so, the likelihood of a couple finding a unicorn where non-monogamous bisexual people hang out is better than events where they don’t.

An obvious choice might be 2SLGBTQ+ celebrations or clubs, although no gay club wants a straight couple hanging around fishing for their bisexual attendees.

Use common sense and courtesy at all times! Don’t lurk, but do go with gay friends who invite you—don’t troll, but do enjoy drinks or sports with other communities in an honest way.

There are lots of other kinds of events where bisexual people might mingle with straight people. It could be anything from a graphic novel release by a transgender author, or a rainbow bowling night. Don’t go looking for a unicorn. Go to have fun and meet people.

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3. Go to swinging or kink parties or nightclubs.

Go to steamy events where sex is on everyone’s mind if you want to cut to the chase. Be sure to learn etiquette and expectations in advance. There are different sex-centered events where like-minded people will be looking to fulfill their fantasies.

If it’s not a couples and unicorns themed event—and that’s not very likely—that’s fine. Polyamorous or swinging events will be filled with folks willing to play in a variety of ways. Fetish or kink themed events will have open-minded people, including bisexual unicorns.

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4. Find your unicorn among your friends and lovers.

Couples looking for unicorns may already know him or her!

If you’re polyamorous and have other lovers, ask your lover to consider joining you and your girlfriend or boyfriend!

Graciously accept no thank you for an answer, with polite thanks for the consideration. But don’t assume someone isn’t fantasizing about the same thing you are, because they may be!

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5. Couples seeking a unicorn should use poly and threesome dating sites.

Threesome dating sites make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are lots of sites for swinging, threesomes, and group sex, and posting there is one of the best ways to find your unicorn.

Are you part of a couple seeking a unicorn? Share your story in the comments.

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