How to Find Local Swinger Hookups

Are you wondering how you can meet swingers?

If you and your partner have an open-door policy, you may be interested in meeting other couples who swing.

While you may have assumed it would be difficult to find swingers for dating and sex, there is in fact a whole industry tailored to resources for swinging! From swinger travel like swinger hotels and swinger resorts to swinger nightclubs, bars, parties, and community meetups—once you are out there, you’ll have no problem meeting other swinging couples.

Where to Meet Swinger Hookups

The couple next door might be where you find local swingers—you never know!

You can meet local swingers at the supermarket, beach, tavern, and superstore. However, figuring out who’s who in a generic environment is tricky and can lead to embarrassment or awkward situations.

It’s far better to jump on a swingers dating site, or find out swinger haunts from like-minded couples.

Here are a few of the places we recommend to find swingers near you.

1. Swinger Hookup Sites

A lot of swinging couples prefer to take their search for swingers online, and with good reason. With sexy dating sites dedicated to hooking up like-minded people, and large communities of swingers eager to connect, it’s pretty much the go-to method for finding local swingers.

The following are sites that I recommend for meeting like-minded couples. What you want to look for when choosing a swinger dating site is:

  • a very large database of members so you aren’t too limited
  • the option to create a couples profile
  • a  site that not only tolerates sexual expression but embraces it

Wither swinger hookup sites, you can chat with other couples and meet swingers online first, discover what you have in common, and decide whether you want to meet up or hook up.

Here are a couple of our favorites.

Couples Dating is heaven on earth for swinger couples and threesome seekers. People can join as couples or singles, and things get very steamy inside. Full nudity is allowed, and the you’ll find advanced features such as video chat.

I recommend putting your swinger status in your profile title or somewhere prominent to make it easy for other swinger couples to find you. There is no need to be shy about your lifestyle at Couples Dating.

Join Couples Dating

Couple looking for swinger hookups on their laptop while lying in bed.

Alt is another site with a large member base, but boy does this site skew towards KINKY.

So while Couples Dating caters to all sex seekers, is a true kink dating site and you’ll find a lot of BDSM and fetish lovers. Take a test drive and get your fill of naughty chat and groups for spanking, foot fetish, pegging, and more. This is not your average dating site!

Join Alt

2. Swinger Clubs

There are lots of bars and clubs that are swinger clubs, and you can meet swinging couples there. Look for “adult entertainment nightclubs” and “swingers night dance clubs” for clubs that cater to a swinger clientele. Look also for ads that mention “open-minded couples” or anything along those lines.

If you don’t think there are any swinger clubs in your area, you are probably wrong!

Whether overtly advertised as swinger sex nightclubs or more discreet clubs that cater to swinging couples, they are out there, just about everywhere. You could plan a weekend trip to a larger city to enjoy a swinger club if you can’t find one in your area, but it pays to ask other swinging couples you know where they party.

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Swinger nightclubs or adult entertainment nightclubs each have various rules to protect their clients, so be sure to read over their policies online before attending. Some have dress codes, minimum drink or cover purchases, or specific rules laid out.

You can expect a suburban, progressive atmosphere in most swinger clubs. Some are upscale and some are more relaxed, so check dress codes and attire accordingly. You’ll find cocktails, dancing, mingling, flirting, and conversation just like any nightclub, except people will be in couples rather than alone or with a group of friends.

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3. Swinger Parties and Events

While some nightclubs are swinger-oriented, many more have swinger parties or swinger events. You can meet swinger hookups at these kinds of parties at neighborhood homes as well.

Word of mouth is the best way to find out about local or nearby swinger events, so stay in touch with swinger couples you meet even if you aren’t pursuing a sexual relationship. Do lunch occasionally and stay connected on social media, and invite them to let you know about swinging parties or other events they hear about, and vice versa.

There are polyamory groups on Facebook that may post information about local events as well, and community boards online and at your local sex toy shops.

Many swinger parties are not huge events but private gatherings of friends and like-minded circles. Swingers do the same things everyone else does—enjoy BBQ meals together, meet for drinks, shop, and more. The more swingers you are connected to, the more events you’ll know about and the more you will find swinger hookups near you.

If any of your friends are in an open marriage, ask them about community events. You can also check online for meetups—everything from casual softball games for swingers, to picnics to sex clubs exists locally, or nearby.

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Where do you find swinger hookups?

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