Have More Fun with Online Dating

Online dating is the best way to meet women for hookups, short-term dating, and more serious relationships, but it does take effort. I’ve met lots of frustrated men who complain about the lack of messages and responses they receive from women.

If you do take it seriously and put in the work to craft an outstanding profile and write thoughtful first messages, you will enjoy a more fruitful dating life. If you don’t, you will become jaded and even angry about the whole process, which comes across in profiles, pictures, and messages.

When I joined my first dating site six years ago, my overriding emotions were fear and anxiety. The idea that online dating could be fun was not anything I would have entertained. With practice (lots and lots of dates) I’ve come to relax and not taking everything, including rejections, so seriously.

How to Have Fun with Online Dating

Check out your competition. I read profiles of women around the same age to see how my profile looks against theirs. It’s eye-opening and helpful to see how others try to market themselves. You’ll not only be surprised by what people say about themselves, but you’ll also have a good laugh (at the people who don’t try).

Be creative with your profile. Most dating sites have sections you are asked to fill out, but you can also use your imagination to add things that you think would help attract women. Maybe you’re an artist and want to share something you wrote. A sense of humor works wonders in a profile, as long as the whole thing doesn’t read as one big joke.

Search with a friend. I love going through profiles with a friend because I’m attracted to a certain kind of man that isn’t always a good match. My close friends know me well enough to call me out for poor choices, and that’s enough to keep me from making mistakes. We also share a laugh over particularly bad messages (try not to be one of those!)

Join a new dating site. Mainstream sites that are free are usually what online dating newbies start with, and that’s a good idea just to get your feet wet. As you become more comfortable with the process, you may want to indulge a specific something, like a fetish with a site like BDSMdate.com, or open up your existing relationship with CouplesDating.com.

Date against type. Most of us have a certain type of person who we find ourselves attracted to time and time again, whether that’s busty redheads or dominant ambitious women. Challenge yourself to reach out to ladies who go against your physical or personality type. One thing I love about online dating is that you have the chance to meet people who you would never meet in your everyday circles.

Plan interactive dates. I never go for drinks or coffee anymore for first dates—boring! If a man can’t come up with a plan (and you really should be able to) I suggest something physical like bowling or paddle boats or feeding the ducks at the lake. These kind of dates are more fun than the interview-like feel of sitting across a table from a stranger. You learn a lot more about someone in an active social setting.

How do you bring fun to your online dating experience?

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