The Double Dating Advantage

Okay, so double dating may seem passé, but it also has that retro chic that so many girls go for. There are many benefits to couples dating that all four participants can enjoy, and it doesn’t take as much planning as you might think. Let me explain why this old school dating style should be brought back and also give you ideas for making it happen.

5 Reasons to Double Date

1. Less Pressure
On-on-one dating, especially first dates are nerve-wracking even for the confident types. Without you or your date being the main focus, you’ll feel more relaxed, and conversation will flow more easily when four people are there to share their thoughts.

2. More Fun
When you have more than two, there are a wider range of dating possibilities when planning. Dates can be more interactive and social with four. (check out my ideas below.)

3. Expand Social Circle
Depending on how or by whom the date is set-up, you’re likely going to expand your social network. This can be a bonus for the shy introverted types.

4. Less Expensive
Many dates cost less when you plan for four. Meeting new people and dating shouldn’t be restricted by your income.

5. 4-Some Possibility
You never know! If you arrange this through a kinky dating website, this could happen. Even if you don’t, it could happen; but of course, it takes the perfect blend of people, setting, and circumstance.

5 Double Date Ideas

1. Pub Crawl
Staying in one place is oh so boring. Keep yourselves and the date moving along with a change in scenery. Along with cocktails, try ordering different appetizers at each restaurant/bar.

2. Sporty Date
This could be anything from attending a sports event to playing video games in teams. Even for the non-sports types, it’s hard not to get excited when you’re in a group. And a little friendly competition is always fun.

3. Boardgames
A retro activity to go along with an old school style of dating. Take it one step further and plan a 70s-themed (food, clothes, decor) evening.

4. Picnic Potluck
Who says dating has to be done at night. Ask everyone to bring a different dish and/or cocktail. The great outdoors is a much more relaxed environment than a loud sweaty night club. And don’t forget the blanket, frisbee, and cards.

5. Mini Road Trip
Getting out of the city can be another great way to take the pressure off. Visit a cheesy tourist attraction and take a few videos. This is a good date for couples that know each other a little beforehand.

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Are you ready to try double dating? If you already have dd experience, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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