Dick Pic Don’ts for Dudes

You want your date to be impressed by pictures of your penis or maybe even turned on, not to crack up, be disgusted, or call the cops.

If you’re thinking of sending that dick pic, here’s what NOT to do.

Don’t Send a Dick Pic Unsolicited

Never, ever send a picture of your prize Johnson without forewarning and consent. We know you wouldn’t feel violated at all if you suddenly received an extreme close-up of her nipple or her labial folds. But you’re not a woman.

Men often read the signs wrong because your penis tells you what you want to hear. And if you are wrong and she wasn’t secretly coding her desire to see your bare cock, then you’re sexually harassing someone.

Don’t Send a Dick Pic until She Begs

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again because it’s important: Women don’t look at a penis and suddenly find themselves aroused. You can’t go by what works for a man. A penis is a funny creature, and seeing it out of context doesn’t do anything for us. Worse, it has the opposite effect—even the most impressive specimen is absurd to us if it’s the package without the “whole package.”

To be turned on by your cock or any other body part, we have to be turned on first in general. Once there is a chemical or emotional connection, a bit of intrigue and flirting, a buildup or arousal, THEN suddenly the idea of your cock amps things up. Never show your goods until she’s hot already.

Don’t just Snap and Send

Would you send a potential hookup just any old snapshot of you in poor lighting? Maybe the one your bratty brother posted on Facebook with you covered in your nephew’s spit up? How about one that makes you look shorter and stouter than you are, with a blurry smear? Of course not.

You want to present yourself in your best light, so treat your dick pic like the king that it is—use ambiance and presentation to make it spotlight ready.

Don’t Go In Blind

If you’re not sure what ambiance and presentation are, or what makes a good photo, do a little bit of research and see what’s out there.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or model, but to get an idea of what makes a penis look good in a photo, browse the internet for great cock shots. See what women are saying about different penis pics—that will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t Be Ruled by Penis Anxiety, or Cocky Arrogance

If you are too worried about how you measure up with other dicks, in shape, size, color, or any other aspects of penis appearance, you will lose out on the chance to participate in a lot of fun sexy exchanges.

If you are obsessed with how hot your handle is, you’re an utter bore long before you show us yours.

Somewhere in the middle of that is an honest, vulnerable, sexy guy—with his own unique penis. Have fun and enjoy it!

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