Tips for Dating Women in Open Relationships

The majority of single men these days are meeting women for hookups online, and there are lots of advantages to doing that. What may have taken several dates in the past to learn some of her basic values, what she’s looking for, and what turns her on, may all be laid out in her dating profile before you even meet.

You’re going to find women online who are looking for casual sex, friends with benefits, long-term relationships, and even group-sex encounters. And you’ll meet these open-minded women not only on niche sites, but also on popular hookup sites.

Unless you are looking for love, a woman in an open relationship may satisfy many different kinds of connections. Here are some things to know in advance, before you reach out to a woman in an open relationship.

Tips for Dating a Woman in an Open Relationship

You’re not her top priority.

Almost every woman who considers herself to be in an open relationship will consider one man a primary partner. This may be a husband, a common-law partner she lives with, or a long-term boyfriend. They may be polyamorous and looking for a third to create an egalitarian polycule, but more often than not, she’s looking for sex outside her primary relationship with the consent of her partner.

She may share the details of your interactions.

In some open relationships, a couple will agree to one or both of them playing outside the relationship or consider it their lifestyle, but not want to hear about any flings or hookups with “outsiders” or secondary lovers. Or part of the enjoyment of their lifestyle may be to hear all about each other’s escapades. It may even be a kink. If you need or want sexual discretion, always tell her up front.

Her open relationship may involve cuckolding.

A cuck is a man who gets off on his wife or partner being sexually unfaithful. She may also dominate him in a variety of other ways, calling all the shots in their open relationship or enjoying his humiliation of watching you and her together. If cuckold hookups are not your thing, be sure this isn’t his and hers.

You may not be her only other partner.

Another lifestyle choice that can fall under the umbrella of open relationships is hotwifing. The term may be relatively new, but the idea isn’t. It’s all about a man sharing his wife with all the men she wants, in part because he thinks she’s so hot and that other men should enjoy her hotness. If you struggle with jealousy, this probably isn’t for you.

Women in open relationships are not necessarily kinky.

One misconception from men about women in open relationships is that their down and dirty and super kinky. You might think she’ll be into anal and being tied up, spanking, nipple torture, and role playing because she’s not monogamous, but one thing really has little to do with the other. She may be into one of those things, none of them, or all of them, but never assume a woman is into anything before asking.

She may want something regular or long term.

Let’s say that all you want is a no-strings hookup, and you start chatting online with a married woman who says she’s in an open relationship and is keen to meet up. Before you get too excited, make sure she’s not looking for something more regular like a regular fuck buddy, a secondary partner, or someone who wants to join her and her husband for a threesome. Not all dudes are up for an MMF, so be clear if this is the case.

If you’re looking specifically to be in an MMF threesome or be part of a stable of studs in her existing hotwife lifestyle, we suggest looking on niche sites like those for threesome dating or kinky couples dating, for quicker connections that don’t beat around the bush.

What’s your experience dating women in open relationships? Please share!

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