5 Benefits of Non-Monogamous Relationships

Something that many of you readers might not know about me is that I’ve been in a polyamorous relationship for nearly two years. In that time I’ve learned so much about the world of non-monogamy and I would love to share with you some of the benefits of opening up your relationship to others.

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1. Greater Sexual and Emotional Freedom

Well, duh… isn’t that the primary reason for having multiple sex partners? The answer is, it’s more complicated than that, but sexual and emotional autonomy are a definite bonus, that’s for sure!

As humans we crave sexual variety. We could either get it through keeping our monogamous relationships fresh and filled with experimentation in the sack, or we can bring in other lovers. The choice should be yours to make as a couple.

2. More Opportunities to Learn about Yourself and Your Partner

This is a benefit I was surprised to discover in my own poly relationship. There’s something really educational about witnessing love and conflict between your partner and someone else. You get to see how your partner reacts to various emotional experiences without being so invested in the situation yourself. It’s a chance to observe and learn about different aspects of their personality.

Likewise, having different partners who challenge you in unique ways and who bring out various aspects of your personality can really help you learn about yourself.

3. More Support

If your relationships are such that everyone knows and cares about one another, having multiple partnerships can provide lots of extra support if and when you need it. I recently found myself in a bit of an emergency-type situation, and I must say that it was far easier to deal with it knowing that my partner had the emotional support of both myself and another partner… I received lots of extra help, too!

4. The Chance to Fulfill a Fantasy

As much as you and your partner love one another, or simply engage in some regular, flaming hot sex, you can’t always be everything for each other.

Maybe you desperately want to try pegging but your lady will have none of it? Maybe your lady wants you to toss her salad, but you’re not a salad kinda guy? Do you just ignore your respective desires? Maybe, but why not explore new things with someone else? There’s no harm in it provided everyone is out in the open.

5. The Chance to Discover Your True Belief System

Are we as humans really meant to be monogamous, or is monogamy a construct designed by the church and state to exact control over the way in which we organize ourselves? There’s a bit of a debate going on about that right now.

Do you really know where you stand? Have you questioned things for yourself or tried going the way of non-monogamy? If so, leave us a comment. We’d love to hear you point of view.

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