Dating Profile Pictures: Hall of Shame

I like to keep my posts positive, but this just had to be written about… again. As I swim through the sea of men’s profiles on my dating site, I can’t help but be turned off by the same types of awful pictures. Why, guys, why?!? If only you knew how many women groan, even laugh, before clicking away from your profile.

Profile Pictures NOT to Use 

1. Bathroom Selfie. Snorefest 2016. Selfie’s are boring and on the way out. I won’t even talk to someone who owns a selfie stick. And the bathroom might be the most unsexy backdrop, not to mention the boring pose of standing with a phone in one hand and staring blankly into a mirror. Just ask a friend to take a picture of you at the park, please.

2. Hat or Helmet with Sunglasses. These pics just make you look like you have something to hide. Are you bald? Who cares? Half the men on dating sites are bald. Eyes really are the windows to the soul, so show them off, as well as the rest of your face. Do you message a woman you can’t see? Didn’t think so.

3. Back Facing Camera. You standing on a beach facing the dying sun might be a pretty pic, but again, if a woman doesn’t know what you look like (your face, not your body) she won’t bother sending a message or replying to yours. And that ant who is the cool you skydiving, not so impressive.

4. Halloween Costume. I get it. You like to have fun and have a sense of humor. If you must include one of these there better be lots of other pictures to tell your story. I think this bias came after seeing a profile with six years of costumes.

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5. Inanimate Objects. Most sites don’t allow pictures without the user in them, but a lot of these seem to make it through. And as much as I like a cute kitty pic, I’m here to meet the owner first. You and cute kitty is okay. And posting pics of your motorcycle or car in the driveway just make you look like a douce.

6. Portrait Photography. These always make me cringe a little. You know the ones… usually black-and-white head shots, sometimes with visible editing. These photos often make the subject come across as egotistical or too serious to take for real.

7. You with a Woman. I just don’t get it. If you want to meet women online, why the hell would you post a photo of you and another woman, unless you’re a poly couple looking to meet a third. It may just be your sister or roommate, but every gal checking out your profile will think ex-girlfriend and go ewww… next!

8. Naked Chest. These are usually also of the bathroom-selfie variety. Double gross! You work out, great, but please don’t advertise. You can always mention that you exercise or that eating healthy is important to you in your profile. Let her discover the goods later, if things even get that far. Showing your body off to strangers reeks of desperation.

Now, I must get back to my browsing. Remember, a well-written profile can usually save a bad photo, as long as there are better profile pics to take into account. Unfortunately some of you only use one photo, which is mistake 101. Post a minimum of six, with different angles, backgrounds, and emotions on display.

Share your thoughts on profile pictures in the comments…

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