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Cold Weather Dating Tips

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I know winter has officially passed, but it sure doesn’t feel like it where I live. Winter can go to hell, and take its snow-angels and omg-they’re-so-beautiful Charlie Brown Christmas snowflakes with it. For four months of the year, it’s not only debilitatingly cold, but ten layers of clothing keeps sexiness at bay. I can’t but prefer miniskirts and barefeet-in-sandals season.

And the cold weather does nothing for going out on a date because, well, you can’t go out. It’s not like everyone stops dating until spring, so where do you go when it’s forty below? (Surely you can come up with something better than the local watering hole?) The suggestions I put forth are for those who think skating is fun for about ninety seconds. Anyone who finds drippy red noses romantic may want to stop reading now.

Here’s my destination test: if it poses a risk to exposed skin, I ain’t going.

These are my faves:

– Ever tried playing laser tag? You should, it’s fun. And all that running around sure keeps the temperature up. Plenty of dark corners where you can cop a feel, too.

– Go bowling. True, it’s bright, and hardly a romantic setting, so snogging is frowned upon while all those families mull about—but you can touch every time you pass each other on the lane. And it’s a great way to check out each other’s ass.

– Treat yourself to a ski getaway… and leave the skis at home. If you can afford it, a log-fire cabin is quite a nice splurge. Sexy and cozy. And warm. With awesome amenities at hand. Don’t be distracted by the scheduled activities: it’s winter outside, and you’re there to shag.

– All day at the movies. It has to be a big multiplex cinema, otherwise there won’t be enough start-time choices. Plan an entire day of hopping from one screen to the next. Obviously I’m going to recommend the back row.

– Seriously, stay home! My top choice for a winter date will always be: home, roast dinner, bit of a party, movies, sex, in whatever order. And the best thing about starting at home is you don’t have to get home, in the cold, after the date. You’re already good to go for the cuddlin’.

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Keep warm, and let love rule!

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