9 Hot Spots for Daytime Hookups

Most women have a time-of-the-day preference when it comes to sexual encounters for a multitude of reasons. Late at night, after a few drinks and stimulating conversation, is when I feel the most inclined to get busy. My partner loves to get it on in the morning, but sex is the last thing on my mind when I open my eyes.

This brings me to daytime, middle-of-the-day sex. You see this scenario in movies and books, wherein the man rushes home from work on his lunch break for some afternoon delight, or she surprises him at work for an office-closet quickie. But are these scenarios all that realistic?

It’s not always easy to get away with sex at work. And because we associate the bed with a place to sleep, it can seem awkward to use that space for daytime nookie. Let’s look at some more creative spaces—some practical, some not so much—for kinky hookups in the afternoon.

9 Hot Spots for Daytime Hookups

1. Parks or Woods

Depending on your climate, nothing beats being au natural in nature. Feeling the sun on your exposed flesh while intertwining with an adventurous woman can be quite spectacular. This is perfect for couples who love the great outdoors or hiking.

2. Backyard Bonfire

Who says a fire is only for nighttime. If it’s getting chilly and you have an outdoor firepit, why not bring out a few sleeping bags to lay out on and warm yourselves up by the flames and close contact. Bring a cooler of drinks to quench your thirst afterwards.

3. Rooftop Ravish

Many condos provide access to lush rooftops perfect for making out. You may have to find a cozy nook if it’s a popular hang for residents, but if most are working, then it should be good to go middle of the day.

4. Park and Play

Back in the day, this is what all the teenagers did to avoid getting caught by their parents. It can be a fun quest, trying to find the right secluded side road or wooded area to park for privacy. If being seen by passersby is your thing, it’s easy to find a spot to suit your exhibitionist cravings.

5. On the Road Again

More and more couples are buying or renting RVs to get out of the groundhog-day rut their in. When you’re stopped for errands or just sightseeing, why not re-energize with a spontaneous quickie in or out of your home away from home.

6. Laundry Room

If you share a laundry room in your building, it can feel risqué to invite your lover down to fold the laundry as a ruse to get sexy. The churning and turning of the washer and dryer can help mask your make-out moans and groans.

7. The Dugout

For sports fans, this is just plain fun. The benches out in the open are for those who wish to be on display, but the dugout or under the bleachers can provide a little shade on a sunny afternoon, along with a bit more privacy. What base will you get to?

8. Secret Stairwell

It may not be the most comfortable place for a hookup, but it has that dark and creepy feeling some kinky couples crave. In a large building, you can take the elevator up halfway and get out to find an exit to less frequented stairs for your quickie.

9. Down by the Bay

If you love sand and surf, or just being near water, go to your favorite secluded spot by a lake, or river, or the sea. Skinny dipping first is a fun way to turn up the heat while cooling down. Just remember to bring towels and a blanket to lie out on afterwards.

These are my favorite daytime hookup spots? Where would you go to get it on?

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