7 Signs She’s NOT Interested

Experts say that a woman will know within a minute or less of meeting you if she is going to sleep with you. If I think about this, it’s probably true of most dates I’ve been on. Sometimes it’s clear as day, and other times it’s just an unexplained feeling.

If you’re using adult dating sites, then it’s likely you’re hoping to hook up on that first date. My guy friends often say they find it difficult to read a woman’s body language or behavior in an effort to know if they’re going to get lucky.

During a recent night out with girlfriends, I brought this subject up to help compile this list of signs that you can look for, signs that point to NO.

7 Signs You Won’t Get Laid

  1. She shows up dressed very casually. When a woman hopes to get laid, she’s going to try and look sexy. You can tell she’s put in effort with her appearance in how she’s dressed head to toe, her hair and her makeup. Do you think she looks hot?
  2. She only talks about herself. Even when it’s casual dating, a woman who is keen will want to get to know the guy she’s thinking about having sex with. If she’s just going on and on about herself, your date might just be about feeding her ego or getting attention.
  3. She’s distracted. If she’s feeling you, she’ll be focusing on you. She’ll ask questions and make eye contact. If scrolling through her texts or checking her likes on social media are more important than conversation with you, it’s not a good sign.
  4. She’s keeping her distance. Whether you’re on a coffee date or engaging in a physical activity, be aware of how she places her body in relation to yours. This is where reading her body language comes in handy. If she hasn’t come into any kind of physical contact, be it a playful poke or rubbing against you, she’s probably not going to get any closer at the end of the night.
  5. She’s not laughing at anything you say. Let’s hope you have some sense of humor to woo the ladies with, after all, it’s at the top of many women’s lists of must-haves. If you don’t see her smiling throughout your date or laughing at your quips and flirtations, she likely isn’t thinking about going home with you.
  6. She talks about her ex. This is a no-no for both men and women on a first date, as it’s very off putting. If she continually brings up a recent ex or past romantic relations, she’s probably not living in the present or ready to get it on with you tonight.
  7. She doesn’t talk about a second date. While some gals just want a one and done, others don’t always want to put out on a first date, especially if they see potential for more. Don’t give up hope if she talks about other date ideas because often the wait is worth it.

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