6 Tips to Find the Right Sex Position for You

While some couples are more than happy to stay in the missionary position most of the time, many like to expand their sex-position repertoire on the regular.

Let me share some tips and factors that can help you find a sex position that is best suited to your needs.

  1. Know what turns you on. If you like to take a submissive role, then you might want to be on the bottom. Vice versa, a dominant personality may want his partner in a position that allows for playful punishment or direction.
  2. Think about your goals. Are you just looking to experiment and have fun, or are you seeking something specific like a position that allows you to go deeper.
  3. Consider your body size and height. Some women like to be picked up and fucked on the kitchen counter or bent over a chair. I love shower sex but know that it just doesn’t work unless my partner is considerably taller than myself.
  4. Assess strength and flexibility. If you and your partner possess these qualities, you will have more sex position options open up to you. Being able to lift your partner is hot and all of us women know how much it turns a man on to be able to pretzel our bodies into wild positions.
  5. Focus and be present. You may be so caught up in how good something feels, but also be aware of how your lover is enjoying, or not, a new position. While I love the idea of some positions, some are so uncomfortable that they just aren’t worth hobbling around the next day for.
  6. Be adventurous and just go for it. You really never know if you’ll enjoy something until you try it. These days I find myself in the 69 sex position often, and that’s because my lover is so good at cunnilingus. Remember, what your last lover loved, your new lover may dislike, so be open to trying her faves.

How many different sex positions do you engage in? Please share your favorites in the comments!

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