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5 First Date Mistakes

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With a new year underway, you may be making resolutions that will help improve your love life, aka new dating strategies. I like to call these resolutions AND reminders – to try new things but to also keep doing what works!

At Hookup Land we like to stress the importance of a first date. It’s your first impression, and if it’s not a good one, a second date is unlikely. You are probably  already aware of your dating strengths that may include a great sense of humour, gentlemanly behaviour, and creative planning. Let’s focus on mistakes that should be avoided when first taking a woman out on a date.

5 First Date Mistakes

1. Showing Up Late. Whether you have arranged to pick her up or are meeting her somewhere else, arriving late is a major faux pas. This behaviour puts you immediately in the doghouse because she will assume you think your time is more important than hers.

2. Having No Plan. Women like a man with a plan, so this passivity isn’t attractive. Glean her profile or previous conversations when planning a date that she will enjoy. And try to avoid the classic coffee-shop first date.

3. Talking to Much… about Yourself. Asking lots of questions shows that you are interested in who she is and what she has to say. And of course, be an attentive listener. When you bring back small details in later dates, she will be impressed.

4. Making Assumptions. This refers to being too touchy-feely or assuming she will hook up with you. Online dating gets the ball rolling faster than “real life” dating but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get to know you first. Follow her lead.

5. Letting Her Pay. Call me old fashioned, but all the women I know still think men should pay for the first date. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do. After this, going dutch or taking turns picking up the tab is fine.

What do you think? Any other first date mistakes you can share?

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