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4 Reasons Why Online Dating is Best for Hookups

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We all know that online dating is the way of the world these days. Everyone is so wound up in their devices—phones, pods, pads—so it’s hard enough to get anyone’s attention, never mind manufacture a hookup!

Let me explain why online dating is the place to go for casual dating.

4 Reasons to Use Online Dating for Hookups

1. People Aren’t Afraid to Say What They Want

One thing we can say about online hookups is that there is no artifice. There is no concerning yourself with what a person wants and what a person doesn’t want. If somebody says they want a relationship and kids, no problem—just swipe, or say no thanks.

A person who wants something casual will say so up front, and this eliminates the awkwardness of getting to that point in the conversation.

2. Variety Is the Spice of Niche Dating Sites

You get a lot more options in the online world with niche sites that cater to every type of relationship. Obviously you won’t just randomly meet one person or two people who might be into a hookup. You will be able to scroll through many, many choices.

Not everybody will be into you, but in a numbers game, the more you roll the dice, the more likely you are to succeed. You will also have a chance to meet a variety of lovers, and maybe even friends—this not only gives you more opportunities to get your junk wet, but it also sharpens your flirting skills.

3. It’s Easier to Keep Your Connections Casual

People know from the outset that the connections are probably casual. It is way harder to turn an online romance into a serious thing, so people know from the outset what they can expect.

If any unreasonable expectations about things getting serious start to crop up, it is much easier to cut them short by remembering that this was an online connection in the first place. If you are clear and specific about only wanting casual sex in your dating profile, you likely won’t meet the women who want more.

4. Rejection Isn’t as Painful

One hookup isn’t working out? No problem. Go get another one! Have two at the same time. Have secret conversations going with many people at once. Online connections lend themselves to playing the field, with everybody more or less expecting their lovers to not be putting all their eggs in one basket.

If you love sex and variety, this is the way to enjoy your passions regularly, not just spending money are bars, hoping for the next beautiful woman to walk in. It’s a lot easier to be rejected by someone you’ve never met, than in person. It’s also not uncommon for hookup lovers to use more than one site to meet potential partners.

There you have it, friends. Online dating is the very definition of casual. Everyone is a stranger, for now, so it’s much easier to keep things light. I find it quite liberating to be this free in love.

What has your experience of online dating been? Please share in the comments!

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