3 Simple Steps to Meet Women Online

I know a lot of men who become frustrated with online dating. They complain, “I’ve sent a million messages, and I get no replies!” Well, guess what? They’re probably sending the wrong kind of messages to the women on their dating sites. After a dating break, I recently went back on my site and received a hundred messages in less than a week. Alas, not one was worth responding to! I’m sorry but, “Hey, how’s it going?” and “Hi!” just don’t cut it. Women who want to meet men in person need more. So here’s my simple three step method that is sure to help all men meet more ladies.

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3 Steps for Meeting Women through Online Dating 

1. Send a unique first message. Believe me, it’s not difficult to stand out from the pack. Writing a first message that gets a reply is essential. This involves two parts: Read her entire profile, and include something specific about her that you found interesting. That’s it! A little humor also helps. Make sure to have an awesome profile because she will check it out before responding.

2. Keep the dialogue going. Once a lady replies to your first message, your task is to keep the back-and-forth conversation going. Another two parts: Reveal something about yourself, and ask a question. If you always end in a question, it’s an easy opening for her to respond. She’ll be impressed if these relate to her profile.

3. Ask her out. After enough chit chat where you feel she’s interested (for some this might be a day or a week) ask if she’d like to meet up. Sooner is always better than later, as you don’t want to build up a fantasy or unrealistic expectations. Also, a woman will be turned off if she has to do the asking. Plan something different… the coffee shop/bar drinks is getting old and often feels like an interview. Once again, use her profile as a guide.

I’d like to send this post to all the men who bore me with their first messages and badly written profiles… maybe I will!

Follow these three simple steps and get back to me in the comments!

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