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3 Easy Ways To Save Money On A First Date Without Seeming Cheap

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Hooking Up in a down economy can be easier as the pool of sexual partners willing to meet for free meals and drinks is a lot bigger than it would be if unemployment were kept in check. Still, getting laid and footing the bill for every outing can add up quickly if you aren’t keeping your eye on the bottom line.

Here are 3 easy ways you can lower your “cost per hookup” without anyone noticing you just saved money while still getting some honey!

Breakfast Anyone?
Most novice dating enthusiasts suggest dinner and drinks as a first date idea. Keep in mind that the average price per meal is a whole lot less for the exact same food, at the exact same place if you go for breakfast instead. Meeting for mimosas sets a bright and exciting atmosphere for your first connection and the check is a fraction of what it would otherwise have been.

Paying Means Points
When it does come time to pick up the check for your hookup at whatever bar, restaurant, or event you’re attending – be sure to use plastic and keep an eye on the points you earn. Cards can get you free flights, cool gear, and more every time you pay for her. Cash can’t make that happen.

Scout For Discounts
Groupons, Ladies Nights, and local restaurant freebies are always around. Finding them ahead of a date and knowing where to go on a Tuesday to get the best bang for your buck is an easy way to turn your time into money.

If you plan to get laid once a week, none of this matters very much. But if you’re a true hookup expert who is banging beautiful women in significant quantities, it can cost a tidy sum until you put these 3 simple tips to use!

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Do you have any ideas to share for dating on the cheap?

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