One Night Stand with a Halloween Hookup

A Night (and Day) with Ariel

Last Halloween, I went to a friend’s party, dressed up as an enormous pear. The party was noisy and crazy, and I admit I got a little drunk. By the by, I spent most of the night talking with this cute girl named Ariel. She was dressed up as a witch. I wasn’t being deliberately flirtatious, we were just having a good conversation about books, and music, and life. And I didn’t pay much attention my surroundings, but at a certain point I looked around and realized things were winding down. The host was picking up bottles. It was time to go.

Ariel had vanished about ten minutes before, and I figured she’d gone home. When I waddled down the stairs in my crazy pear outfit, though, I found her waiting on the sidewalk.

“I liked talking to you,” she told me, “I’d like to maybe keep the conversation going a little longer.” I said sure. She invited me over to her house, telling me not to get any ideas. We were just going to talk. We went to her place and sat on her bed, drinking wine and chatting. She asked me if it was uncomfortable to be in a pear outfit and I said it was incredibly annoying, but that I just had my undies and a t-shit underneath. I’m an idiot, I know. She said she wouldn’t care if I sat in my underpants. I said I’d do it if she did it. She gave me a funny look, but then she took off her shirt and pants.

I remember being pretty drunk and telling her I was attracted to her, and her saying she was glad I said so. Then we both passed out. When we woke up the next morning we just began kissing right off. We took off what little we still had on and rubbed or bodies against each other. She was self-conscious about her breasts, but I thought she was beautiful. I remember thinking she was one of the prettiest girls I’d ever been with.  

I went down on her, and I brought her to orgasm, slowly. I took my time and got to know her vagina. After that she pulled me up on top of her and I slid myself inside. Over the course of the day we must have joined and come apart ten times. She probably came five times and I came twice. She loved talking dirty, and as she got more comfortable her talk got raunchier and raunchier.

She seemed to love it when I would have her on her elbows and knees, doggie style, and I would just move the erect head of my penis in and out of the tight mouth of her pussy. This made her whole body shiver. She gave me a couple of masterful blowjobs, too, that day.  She seemed to have no gag reflex and she was able to take me all the way down her throat. I came in her mouth and she didn’t spill a drop.

Sadly, I never saw her again after that day. Even though it was one of the hottest days of sex I ever had, I regret doing it with her so soon (and I guess she regretted it too) because she never called me back after that day, and I never saw her again. I went home, a day and a half after Halloween, still dressed like a pear, to an angry cat who hadn’t been fed.

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