Poll: Why Do You Hook Up?

As someone who has been in a serious relationship for years, I’ve met a lot of men who also enjoy the casual nature of hookups. I’ve also realized that there are very different kinds of hookup styles – how a man pursues, the kind of sex he wants, what he’s looking for, and what a hookup means to him. Because really, is a hookup ever just a hookup? Some people view this approach to dating as shallow, but others like myself know that there can be hookups that become something more than just a roll in the hay but less than a shared one-bedroom apartment. My curiosity inspired me to post this poll for our HookupLand readers. I want to know why men regularly or not-so-regularly hook up, whether it’s for casual sex, an escape, or just a lifestyle. Take this poll now and return to see the updated results.

How Does Quantity and Quality Affect Your Online Dating?

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If none of these answers describes your reasons for hooking up, tell us all about it in the comments! We love when readers share.

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