Hookups with Mean Girls

I’d been in a long-term relationship for a while, but then it ended. A month or two later, a casual acquaintance of my ex-girlfriend started hitting me up on Facebook. She was an Irish girl, who had gone to school with my ex. Since she kept wanting to talk for no particular reason, I decided to ask her out on a date.

The date was extremely confusing. She was surly the whole time. She hated every place I tried to take her, and she shot down all the conversations I was starting. At a certain point in the evening she announced she had to go, and so I walked her to the subway. As always, I was turning over in my mind whether there would be an opening to steal a kiss at some point, but I never saw one here.

Even still, as we parted, and she saw that I wasn’t going to try and kiss her, she looked even angrier than before. I assumed there wasn’t going to be a second date, because clearly the first one had been a mistake. How wrong I was, though.

I wrote her a message and said thanks for the nice time, but I didn’t try to angle for future plans. She wrote me back, and asked when I was going to see her again. I was very confused. I thought she hated me!

I talked to a friend about this, and he told me he used to date a girl who was quite similar. It’s not that she hates you, he explained, it’s that she is a fundamentally cynical person. She is cynical and sarcastic, and she wants someone that she can hang out with and spout negativity. She wants a partner for some world-class hating. Optimistic people annoy her. If she asked you out again, there’s a chance that she saw the potential for darkness in you.

This girl was gorgeous and sexy, and I really wanted to see her again, so I decided to change up my strategy. The next time we went out I spent the night trashing what other people in the bar were wearing. I teased my date. I made all kinds of dark comments about the state of the world.

My negative attitude and bitter commentary worked like a charm. Before I knew it, we were back at my place, drinking whisky on my couch and pulling each other’s cloths off. I was running my hands all over her delicious pale skin. I was tweaking her small pink nipples, and sucking kisses from her full lips.

The fact that she had found someone to share her vision of the world with ignited her passions, and she was willing to do anything I wanted at that point… as long as we were sarcastic, and recognized how stupid it all was. You just never know what someone will be into.

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