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We all know there are many babes out there who dig bikers, but finding them can be tough sometimes. Does that chick giving you the eye really have an interest in you, or is she staring at you out of curiosity, like you’re some sort of museum piece or someone she thought she saw as an extra on an episode of Sons of Anarchy?

Biker Hookups takes the guesswork out of finding true biker babes. Dedicated to women looking for bikers, it lets you cut through the bullshit and get to the real question: Want to take a seat on my bike – and on my dick, too – and take a wild ride?

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One of the best uses of Biker Hookups comes when you’re ready to head on out on a serious interstate or cross-country ride. By hitting up biker babes using the communication tools on Biker Hookups, you can map out a full list of hookups right along your route, and literally schedule pussy for every stop on the map!

While some of the best features of the site are only available to premium members, setting up a profile is basically free and isn’t a waste of time. The free level of membership still allows you to browse profiles and make use of the message board and a limited amount of instant messaging. Obviously, they want you to establish a paid membership, so the free profile just gives you a glimpse of the possibilities – but it’s enough of a glimpse to establish that the site is legit, and that there a lot of good hookup prospects among the biker babes and cycle club ladies who hang out there.

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A full paid membership is the way to unlock the full potential of – unlimited instant messages and fully enabled communications tools across the board. This  also includes unlimited access to video chat, which is the best way to establish a connection with other members – or to just get your rocks off right then and there by having a little cybersex with a hot biker babe!

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