The Joy of Finding a Ginger Date Online

As autumn rolls in and the leaves startsto change from green to reddish shades of orange and brown, many romantics find themselves noticing how perfectly the fall season suits the complexion of a pretty redhead. Gingers are sometimes thought of as an acquired taste, and there is definitely a dividing line between those who find redheads to be a top dating priority and others who prefer more common hair colors. However, for those of us who are in the mood to go ginger, there is now a site that caters specifically to the auburn, scarlet and strawberry beauties. has put together an awesome interface and filled their site with gorgeous redheads.

“We’ve worked really hard on our site, trying to do more than just help people find each other,” said Sheri Camozzi of RedheadDating. “For us it’s all about building a strong community of people who can share their experiences and invest themselves in something bigger than any one night stand or short-term fling. Redheads deal with a lot of unique social situations, and as a redhead myself I know that it can be either awkward or amazing depending on your ability to own it. The level of support and camaraderie we are reaching is what makes our site special – and that’s probably why so many people are already using it to find their own fire-kissed playmates.”

Whether you’re a ginger or looking to find a redhead lover for some time under the covers, going to a site specifically designed to focus on your favorite hair fetish makes it a lot easier to find the lovely ladies you are seeking. Meeting women and setting up a first date is made easy for members who love reds.

“We have definitely noticed a recent spike in members since autumn started,” said Ms. Camozzi. “It seems there is some truth to the notion that gentlemen prefer blondes in the summertime and brunettes in the winter, but the fall is a great time to be Irish, Scottish or anyone else with a head full of precious red locks of hair.”

Creating your own dating profile at is free and easy, so seeing what’s inside only takes a few minutes. With so many sexy redhead profiles already on the site, it shouldn’t take you long to find an attractive ginger to contact.

Do redheads turn you on? What is it about these beauties that attracts you?

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