The Best Beds for Dating Enthusiasts

If you watch television late at night, you’ll see dozens of infomercials for high-priced beds claiming they will provide you with a miraculous night of rest and relaxation. That may be true in some cases, but for dating enthusiast that can also be counter productive.

“For myself, and for a lot of other Big Beautiful Women, I can’t stand memory-foam mattresses” said Carla Giovanni of “They’re fine if I’m all alone and looking to get some shut-eye, but when I’m making a booty call or hooking up with a fine new boyfriend, the last thing I want to see is a big cloud of memory-foam that makes it so much harder to get a good bounce. Why make it work to climb on top?”

Other dating experts had equally terse words for alternatives like futons or waterbeds. “When a married woman wants to meet a man on the side, she’s looking for an adventure that offers something she is missing at home” said Mason McGowan of “Going out with someone new and straying from her mundane life only to find her new boyfriend wants her to get busy on his futon? Can you imagine? Things don’t have to be pricey to make a good first impression.”

Many of the dating site editors HookupLand contacted were quick to point out that the very best option is just to buy an affordable mattress and replace it often. When your partners know you are hooking up often with people you meet online, nothing comes across better than a brand new mattress that obviously hasn’t been used yet by half the neighborhood.

Buying a mattress these days is as easy as making a phone call or filling out a simple online form and having it show up a few hours later. Pick a firm choice at a low price point and be ready to replace it any time your handiwork requires a fresher set of sheets, pillowcases, or a whole new bedroom ensemble.

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