10 Sexy Songs to Seal the Deal

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Ok, boys. You’ve got your hookup at your place. The mood is set just right. You’re pretty sure you’re about to get it on but something’s missing. Ahhh. Music! This is absolutely crucial, fellas. The right track at the right moment is the perfect trigger for amazing sex!

I always have my arsenal of mood setting serenades at the ready, and so should you. This is straight gospel men.

10 Songs to Guarantee You Get It On!

#10: Adele – Someone Like You

Like candy from a baby, dudes, like candy from a baby. EVERY woman out there loves Adele right now. Not even close to an exaggeration. Drop this juicy love bomb and make your move!

#9: Chris DeBurgh – Lady In Red

The greatest slow-dance-to-sex segue song ever. It’s actually unfair the advantage you’ll have if you play this gem and dance closely “cheek to cheek”. It’s pretty much over at that point! This is obviously tenfold more effective if your hookup is wearing a red dress.

#8: Kings Of Leon – Sex Is On Fire

I personally don’t understand the appeal of these southern rockers but man do the honeys go crazy for them and especially this track. Get in a grind with her to this one and it could lead to some wild times no doubt!

#7: Serge Gainsbourg – Je T’Aime  

This song is super primal. Sexy and funky with silky smooth singing from Serge Gainsbourg and the gorgeous Jane Birkin who pretty much climaxes overtop. I practically sport wood just listening to this track and I have, without a doubt, witnessed women turned on by it. An absolute must-have on that playlist.

#6: Righteous Brothers – Unchained

A classic. This one’s reserved for the sensitive sentimental types you may encounter. It captures that longing for contact that hopefully, you and your hookup are feeling at that moment. “I huunnger forrrr yourrr touch.”  Sometimes a song can say exactly what you’re thinking and then bam! Game on!

#5: Boys ll Men – I’ll Make Love To You

The completely obvious track. If you didn’t have the guts to come right out and say let’s bang, then play this track and you just did. For some unknown reason, Boys To Men continue to be a female favorite, so we’ve got that going for us which is nice.

#4: Jodeci – Freek N’ You

An absolute monster track. The lyrics to this song alone will come out of the speakers and remove her panties themselves! I’m joking, but kind of not. Sit back and let the track do the work! Ha!

#3: Berlin – Take My Breath Away

You wanna be a top gun in the sack? Well, you have to get there first, boy! This classic from the Top Gun soundtrack will make her melt into a puddle of romance, I promise you.

#2: Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It

Much like my #5 track by Boys To Men, this one just screams it out to the rafters. Let’s have sex!!! Well, to be fair, so do a lot of other tracks out there, but they aren’t penned and performed like Marvin could. The sexiest performer ever and one of the sexiest songs ever. Period.

#1: Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing

The king lands at number one. An absolute classic that every woman knows and loves. Put this at the end of your mix so the only logical next step is the steps it takes to get to the bedroom.

So there you have it, boys. Lock these tracks into your next mix, and you’re good to go!

Did I miss anything? What are your sure fire mood-setting songs? 

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