How To Have More Sex With Your Girlfriend or Wife

Guys, have you been sleeping next to a woman you never have sex with, or almost never? Is that hot and steamy sex you had with her a distant memory? Your wife/girlfriend still turns you on, but she has no interest in you or your body or doing anything with your body. You’ve had to look for sex elsewhere – online dating, prostitutes, co-workers. I understand, but don’t give up on getting some at home. It may take a little work, but it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

Ideas on how to get sweet lovin’ at home, even if you’re getting it on the side:

1. Massages. A little touch goes a long way. This will work best at the end of the day when your lady is tired and needs to unwind. I suggest a foot rub. When a man massages my feet it always turns me on.

2. House Clean. I know, I know, yuck, but guess what – women don’t like it either, but we still end up doing the majority of it. A little goes a long way with this. Clean a messy room in the house, but don’t mention, we don’t. Believe me, she will notice and you might get lucky.

3. Recreate a Scene. Remember those pre-marriage dates, the anticipation, the excitement. Think back and try to recreate a date from the hot and heavy days. She’ll be impressed with your thoughtfulness and the romance of it all.

4. Watch her Show. I’m sure there are TV programs your wife watches that you can’t stand, make fun of, or use as an excuse to have a beer in the garage. Bite your tongue, sit down and act interested. Comment and ask questions. Warning: you might get hooked, but you may also get laid.

5. Take the Kids (if there are any). Spend a day out with your children and let your lady relax at home or get out with girlfriends. She may well return her appreciation in the bedroom.

6. Conversation. All women want to talk AND be listened to. She’ll know you are listening and care because you are giving her your full attention, not just nodding while watching a home run being played out on TV.

7. Kink suprise. If your sex life has been routine for a while you are probably not the only one bored. You know your gal so don’t get the whips and cuffs if she’s only comfortable on her back. If she’s a bit straight and narrow you may want some massage oils or edible condoms. Adding something new may be just the spice she’s been waiting for.

Any ideas missing that have worked for you?

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