Cougars & Mature Women – The Best Hookups?

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Mature women aren’t for everyone but I doubt anyone will deny that the ladies in the video at the end of this post are hot! And they’re all turning 50 in 2022.

In the context of mature hookups, I think older women and “cougars” are a great way to go; sexually experienced, know what they want, and very often are just looking for casual sex like you.

These women exude real confidence and seem to really have their lives together. They’re comfortable with who they are and know what they want in life while their younger counterparts are still working to get their careers going and often suffer from insecurity. Indeed there’s a lot that an older woman has to offer not only younger men but men of any age.

Reasons for Dating a Mature Woman

Why would you want to date mature women? There are many reasons in addition to those stated above.

Older women have more life experience and are often more chill about life.

They have less expectations for a man to take care of them financially as they’ve usually reached a level of independence, and the maturity and confidence that comes with that is really attractive.

And don’t forget that women reach their sexual peak between the ages of 30 and 40. Even in their early 40s,  many women’s sexuality is still awakening due to lower stress levels and stability. Here is a good article from about the sexual stages of women.

Where to Meet Single Mature Women

Hookup Land recommends that men looking for older women should think about the habits and interests of these mature women they’re interested in. Consider academic courses, cooking classes, or maybe fitness classes at the gym. Look around your office or check out activities like bingo and bridge (granny alert!), depending on the age of women you are looking for.

And of course, don’t forget mature hookup sites. The easiest of all these methods would be to create a profile at Older Hookups or Find a Cougar, where you’ll find local older women who are willing to meet men for casual fun and excitement.

Enjoy the video and please comment. You guys dig older women?

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