5 Sense Sensations for Getting Laid

Hey Boys! I know I’m in Hookup Land and a lot of you are only looking for a steamy one nighter, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a little planning and thought involved to woo the lady into bed. Engaging the senses is a surefire way to liven the action.

This one’s pretty obvious, but hey, if you’ve used your best photo as your profile pic then you better do your best to live up to it. She may like the scruffy musician type, but that still involves a bit of work. Also, no ogling, not matter how hot she is. Eye contact is super important, especially when she’s talking – a woman knows when a man is listening to her.

Think of the sounds that surround on this one. Is she a nature girl? Would the sounds of birds, waves, and leaves blowing put her in the mood. Or is she a rocker, who would rather listen to loud music exploding through an amp? If you’re headed back to your place have the music ready, a selection, and let her pick.

For me, it’s au natural on this one. Perfume and cologne make me think of the eighties and though I love retro I think pheromones are the best attractor. I’ve met up with guys, who at first sight didn’t seem like much, but I ended up being crazy sexually hot for. If that was only the case all the time! And some people just have a body odour that gets you high.

Feel it out, for real. If a woman starts casually touching you early on, your chances are good she’ll be touching you later in a more intimate way. Kissing is my favorite foreplay. The right kiss at the right time is the best turn on.

Eat well. Taste good. Yes, I’m talking about down there. Experience has shown me that eating a healthy diet leads to better tasting secretions. Why not start the evening off with a scrumptious meal that could lead to something tastier later. Yum.

Any sensations you’d like to share? Leave a comment.

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