4 Easy Ways to Update Your Dating Profile

I’m sure you’ve notice the same thing on your go-to dating sites: profiles that have been up for years and haven’t changed one bit. And these aren’t abandoned profiles. These active women and men are still using the same profile pic six years running—who knows how old they really are.

I sometimes click on profiles of men I’ve had first dates with years ago, and their profiles are static. I find that a bit depressing and wonder how many other women notice. And by the way, it’s a turn off. A guy I might have been thinking about messaging for the last year loses his appeal.

How long has your dating profile been the same? If it’s over a year, it’s time for an update.

4 Quick Ways to Update Your Dating Profile

  1. Replace old profile pics. We all have our favorite photo, the one that past dates have commented on being “the one” that hooked them, so by all means keep that one up (as long as it’s not older than 3-5 years, and it still looks like you.) But, take down some oldies, and have a friend take a few new ones to reflect your current vibe and interests.
  2. Be specific about what you’re looking for. Maybe last year you were just out of a long-term relationship, so you wrote that you were only seeking casual dating partners. If you’re now looking for something serious, be sure to change that. Our desires often change from season to season.
  3. Use more description. It’s easy to use broad strokes when talking about yourself—for example, “I like sports and going for walks.” But it’s much more attractive if you write, “I like hosting Sunday potlucks for football with friends” and “long walks by the river are something I like to do alone or with a partner.” Keep it real, but give us some detail.
  4. Assess and add life changes. A lot can happen in a year or even a couple months, and you might forget to update that in your profile. Maybe you got promoted at work, or you traveled somewhere new and exciting. Did you take up kick boxing or begin volunteer work? Maybe you’re exploring the polyamory lifestyle. These are all worthy additions to your profile.

I like to tweak things every six months, even if it’s just adding a couple new photos. Let’s keep that content evergreen fresh, guys. It makes a difference!

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