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Now that new year’s has passed and the holidays are over, many of us turn to checking off those little boxes on our list of resolutions. Not only is this the time of the year when gym memberships spike, it’s also when people begin to actively pursue new relationships and casual sex partners online.

In fact, the first few months of the year are the busiest time for dating sites as people sign up in droves. It’s the perfect time to join the herd and create your own partner-catching profile, as you’ll find plenty of fresh faces and hot prospects who are emboldened to try something new and daring.

Here are my top recommendations for where to find sex in 2015:

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Find Hookups has literally millions of members and is a great choice no matter where you live. It’s definitely sex focused and is one of the few dating sites that allows full nudity and naughty videos. Yep, videos! Chat with potential partners before meeting and even get a peek of what’s to come. Not many websites offer this much interaction which makes this site a lot of fun, even on nights when you stay in.

For the younger crowd (or ahem, guys who want to hook up with the younger crowd) head to College Hookups. Not quite as fully featured as Find Hookups but the nude profiles are there and it’s pretty wild all around. Not just for college kids from what I could see when I had a profile there, and more than enough people looking to seriously hook up.

Niche Dating Sites

If you’ve got a specific fetish or sexual interest, I can’t stress enough how awesome niche dating sites can be! Why wade through hundreds of people to find that one chick who really digs spankings? You’d be amazed at how specific some of these sites have gotten. For a sampling, consider sites like,,,, and Not sure where to go for your specific turn on? Ask me in the comments.

Hookup Apps

And then of course there are popular apps like Tinder and Grindr. The reason I prefer and suggest fuller dating sites (which do have their own mobile versions) is because I think you’ll get better results when there are full profiles in addition to pictures. While hotness may be your main criteria, you’ll be amazed at how much better your hookups can turn out with a little more vetting. Deal breakers and deal makers are more easily detected in fuller profiles and knowledge is power!

Ready to get started on a sex-filled year?

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