Tips for a Real One Night Stand

Sometimes all you need is one night of crazy, no-strings-attached, flaming-hot sex.

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One thing to keep in mind as you set out on your quest for NSA fun is that getting laid isn’t always the challenge. Keeping things casual, by which I mean not letting your connection surpass true one-night-stand territory, can be the really hard part.

Turning your wild encounter into something more isn’t always wrong, but it can present a whole other layer of complications, and sometimes there just isn’t room.  So what can you do to prevent things from going beyond a single night of passion?

Do It with A Stranger

Although you might be super attracted to your next door neighbor, or that hot girl who works in HR, propositioning either of them for a single night of sex is not a good idea. First of all, let’s just say things go well. One or both of you will likely want to do it again (which is edging close to friends-with-benefits territory), or worse yet, you’ll suffer in silence with feelings of unrequited longing.

Secondly, things could go really bad,  and then you’ll be stuck with awkward reminders of that time the two of you bumped uglies and hated it. Choose a partner who you’ll never have to see again and save yourself the potential embarrassment.

Be Upfront About Your Intentions

When you approach a woman for a one night stand, be truthful about your intentions. Don’t try to trick her into bed with vague promises of something deeper. Alternatively, don’t assume that she understands the boundaries just because you never mentioned the possibility of a relationship.

If you’re searching online, feature your desire for a one night stand prominently in your profile. Let the ladies know what to expect from you. Lots of women are looking for a one-off sexual encounter. Let them find you!

Keep the Conversation Light

When everything lines up and you’re sitting across the table from your soon to be lay, be sure to keep the conversation shallow. Talk about the weather, or the freaky things you like to do in bed, but steer clear of emotional topics or anything that might prompt the two of you to fall for one another.

If you’re searching for a one night stand because you’re unbearably lonely, keeping the conversation light can be difficult. Just remember: you’re looking for a night of hot sex, not a therapist.

Don’t Cuddle Afterwards

Okay, a little bit of cuddling is fine. You’re not animals! Just try not to fall asleep in each other’s arms, or let the cuddles turn into extended eye gazing. If the sex was good, you’re bound to feel attached to your partner, but you can keep it from going farther than you want by avoiding post-sex emotional mushiness.

Don’t stay the night if you think that doing so will make things harder, and don’t call her the next day. A real one night stand doesn’t require follow-up, and since you’ve expressed your intentions and she’s on the same page, there’s nothing to feel bad about.

Just one serious note: As applies to all sexual encounters, though perhaps even more so to one night stands, it’s really important to talk about protection and birth control. You don’t want to be left with any nasty surprises.

Now get out there and have some fun!

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