The Truth about Women and Hookups

We DO Want Cheap Sex

It’s fair to acknowledge the biological and psychological differences between the sexes, and I won’t claim that women are wired in the same way men are. We aren’t. It’s true that if you went up to ten babes on the street and propositioned them, you would likely be rejected, if not slapped, or slapped with a harassment suit. On the other hand, if a hot chick went up to ten men and asked them for sex, she’d have a very busy night ahead of her!

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There are many reasons for this difference, one being a biologically inbuilt risk-assessment scanner. The possibility of getting pregnant, yes, but also the risk inherent in following a strange man into an alley or to his hotel.

On the other hand, if we are the ones who make that approach, the likelihood of the male being a predator rather than a grateful dude is slim. The risk is greatly reduced and we can enjoy pure carnal pleasures without anxiety.

This doesn’t mean you have to wait at the side of the road for a woman to invite you up to her lair. You’ll be waiting a long time. But DO hang around where women are advertising their desire to meet Mr. Right Now. We make ourselves available at nightclubs and bars, and especially in online forums where we can be upfront and clear about what turns us on, choosing from people who are looking for the same.

Reasons Why a Woman Looks for No-Strings Sex

She’s Young
Younger women today want to experiment before they settle down. The dream of a traditional family and the security and companionship that brings is still important, but we aren’t rushing into marriage at eighteen, and that goal is not our only objective. Before we meet our life partner, we might want to experience our most lurid fantasies and experiment with a variety of men and activities.

She’s Focused on Her Career
For the man looking for  a commitment or a long-term love, a woman whose main focus is her career is not always the right fit. But when a woman doesn’t have time to invest in a commitment, her dating priority is sexual satisfaction. Bingo.

She’s a Single Mom
The stereotype of the sad divorced woman who can’t get over her ex is just that—a stereotype. Whether a woman is still mourning her loss, or has declared good riddance, many divorcees have no intention of settling down. They feel liberated and want to explore new sexual experiences.

She’s Older
There is still a lingering prejudice that older women aren’t sexual, but admirers harbor one of the greatest secrets of hot hookups. Older women are no longer constrained by childish worries, and they aren’t emotionally embroiled in who likes who more, or if their thighs are firm enough. They just want to fuck when they want to.

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